Saturday, November 5, 2011

La Plage

La Plage - W - March 2006 La PlageLa Plage - W - March 2006La Plage
"La Plage" - W - March 2006

I’ve been in a stacked bracelets mood lately. This Daria editorial comes to mind as doing it well—not only that it serves as a good “work wear” inspiration. I wish I kept more of this intact but the rest is available here.


  1. She does it so well!

    When I see pictures like this, I want to start stacking immediately, but alas, I really don't have the gift. Do you have tips?

  2. Aesthetic Alterations: I don't have any definitive tips, it's about playing with proportions. My advice is to experiment until you find a combination that feels natural for you. Though and google will offer you how-tos on stacking bracelets.

  3. stacked bracelets were my "thing" for years...until this year's hellish summer, which rendered all jewelery-wearing as a mild form of torture! i simply couldn't do it. funny, i haven't brought the bracelets out again, but of course i still love the look.

  4. Love the nautical/resort look, and stacked bracelets too!


  5. That first picture is absolutely perfect! This could be actually one of my favorite editorials aesthetic wise. Like you I love 'work wear' inspired editorials.

  6. Definitely a summer thing for me though - can't be bothered with chunky bracelets when you have to take winter coats on and off!

    I have collected quite a few bracelets, but none of them seem to make a very cohesive bunch.


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