Monday, November 14, 2011

Versace FW 2005

Versace FW 2005 1
Versace FW 2005 2
Versace FW 2005 3
With Versace for H&M just around the corner, I thought I'd share with you my favorite Versace collection. So soft and refined--not a look
we'd usually associate with Versace.


  1. 6 years old and nevertheless so stylish.
    Love esp this limegreen coat and also the fur suede coat! Swooon :)

  2. What great dresses - I love the furry jumper - curious to see if the H&M collection lives up to the hype!

  3. Sultry sophistication! I have my eye on a couple of the V for H&M dresses, the fur vest & the leather jacket. What are you coveting?

  4. ggshoe: I'm skipping it. I don't see anything I'd wear.

  5. i absolutely agree with you on this versace collection...this is the way I like versace to be. I remember I saw carolyn bessette kennedy in a versace white long sleeved dress that was so minimal and sleek. she wore it to some gala, it was through her that i realized that versace can be for minimalists, as well.

  6. sisters in black frocks: I know the exact dress. I was planning on posting that as well.

  7. Such a gorgeous Versace collection, I normally think of it as so brash and garish but this is worlds away.

  8. Yeah, it's one of Donatella's most refined collections!!!!

  9. wow!
    i don't wear color nowadays, but that turquoise coat in the center really grabbed me.
    beautiful clothing.


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