Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Wish List Recap

With the year coming to a close, it’s time for my final 2011 recap of what I’ve bought from August to December:
2011 final recap
Black Fleece white oxford shirt dress
Missoni for Target black/white zig zag sweater coat
Missoni for Target floral trench coat
Jean Paul Gaultier cheongsam double breasted jacket
Furla “Futura” black crocodile tote
Kenneth Cole New York blue suede flats
Assorted Rhinestone Bracelets x3
J. Crew “Darby” leopard loafers
CZ Sterling Silver Studs
Baccarat “Tango” ring
vtg Navy Kelly Bag (a not "The")
LD Tuttle “Shaper” black boots

Below you’ll see that I ended up with 25 pieces instead of the original allotted 20, but I’m giving myself leeway for my considerable (-19 items) closet clean out. However, my focus wasn’t solely about rigidly sticking to a number, but more about holding out for those treasures I truly wanted and often waited years for—instead of settling for almosts or getting sidetracked by sweet nothings. Not to mention, there are thoses pieces that can come completely out of left field. So all in all, I was successful in my more disciplined approach to shopping. I'm curious did anyone else have a shopping method in 2011 and how did it fare?

Final 2011 Recap:
1. BCBG jacquard trousers ***yet to be altered*** (not a priority)
2. Theyskens' Theory black maxi skirt
3. The Alexander McQueen piece
4. Issey Miyake Pleats Please black scarf
5. Brooks Bros navy striped boat-neck top
6. Brooks Bros grey merino boyfriend cardigan
7. Brooks Bros black merino boyfriend cardigan
8. Brooks Bros black/white silk scarf
9. Brooks Bros boy's blue oxford shirt
10. Earnest Sewn "Decca" straight leg jeans
11. Zara black pants ***alterations completed***
12. Zara purple shirt tunic (replacement)
13. Rick Owens Drkshdw druid hoodie
14. Missoni for Target black/white zig zag sweater coat
15. Missoni for Target floral trench coat
16. Furla “Futura” black crocodile tote
17. CZ sterling silver stud earrings (replacement)
18. Jean Paul Gaultier cheongsam double breasted jacket
19. Baccarat “Tango” ring
20. Kenneth Cole NY blue suede flats
21. assorted rhinestone bracelets x3 (counting as one item)
22. vtg navy Kelly bag
23. Black Fleece white oxford shirt dress
24. J. Crew “Darby” leopard loafers
25. LD Tuttle “Shaper” black boots


  1. Such an elegant collection of wardrobe additions! I was looking forward to seeing the boots, but there are so many other treasures to adore in this photo. The new Baccarat ring might be my favorite of all I've ever seen, and the vintage navy kelly . . . perfection.

    Happy New Year!

  2. What a fabulous wardrobe recap! I want to look up each item. That white oxford shirt dress, for starts -I don't know Black Fleece but I love that look, especially how you're wearing it with black tights. I always bring my husband's old white Brooks Brothers (!) shirts on holiday, but I never wear them as proper clothing. I think I'm going to start wearing them with black leggings.

    And I LOVE those black boots! They'll look so good on you. This is a really smart, considered, brilliant collection. And where did you find that vintage Kelly bag? It's all I'd want, period.

    My method? Simple: I didn't really buy anything in 2011. Sad, but true.

    Happy New Year, sweet Pret! xo

  3. what a lovely collection of new pieces! the kelly sounds fabulous. when is it from? i can see everything on this list mixing and matching seamlessly regardless of how they're tossed into a suitcase. happy new year! :)

  4. You've collected some iconic items: the JPG jacket, the Kelly are amazing additions. The Missoni coat looks great, that's the kind of item I'm looking for in designer - mass retail collaboration. I remember obsessing over a model of LD Tuttle boots last year and the brand seems to deliver very cool footwear like the ones you got.
    My 2011 shopping process was based on clearance/replacement strategy and finding items I truly care for. Aside from a few mistakes, it was a pleasant year shopping wise.
    Wish you a happy new year!

  5. Wow you have some fantastic pieces the tuttle boots are amazing - thank you so much for your lovely comments x

  6. Aesthetic Alterations: The Tango ring is what actually sparked my discovery and subsequent love affair with Baccarat jewelry some 4 years ago. I chickened out of buying it in Vegas 2 years ago—so it was a fitting souvenir for my “last hurrah” trip.

    Polka Dot: I’m aiming to buy a lot less this year. I like the look of white dresses with black legs.

    Miss Sophie: I don’t know the year. It’s some random brand, not Hermes.

    Aissa: I’ve been in love with these LD Tuttle boots for the last 2 years now—I resolved to finally take the plunge in 2011. I love my Missoni/Target coat I’ve worn it many times already—it’s so soft and comfy. I would have loved to get more from this collection, but I had to show some restraint not to mention I refuse to pay the exorbitant ebay markups.

    Fashion and Frank: Thanks!

  7. Happy New Year to you!
    I love those recaps; love that vintage Kelly!!

  8. happy new year! I agree with you that it's not about the number and some things just "ambush" you. I think anything that one can buy in good conscience and not feel guilty in the slightest is probably a good choice that we won't regret. I waaaay busted my list and some of them were definitely poorly-considered, on hindsight, but perfection is a never-ending pursuit, no?

    Congrats on the LD Tuttle boots, I agree that waiting for sales can pay off. And I'd noticed that Furla tote on one of your recent outfit posts, and thought it was so chic and luxe but also very understated.

  9. lin: Thanks. I love my Furla bag, it sold out on me last year so I'm glad they re-released it and to more stockists. It's become my work bag, especially since my old standby is literally decaying. For crocodile I'm learning that it's best to stick with darker colors--I had a big shiny red croco Birkin style bag, despite getting a lot of compliments on it, after 5 years I got rid of it because it was just too flashy-flashy.

  10. A classic beautiful collection! Very wise choices.
    Your Kelly bag caught my eye right away!

  11. you did well with your 2011 wardrobe additions.
    we want to see those tuttle boots, please do an outfit post!

  12. Odyssey: Yes I'm glad that I got a good mix of work horses and soul stirrers. I wore the boots yesterday with the Black Fleece shirt dress, picture is in the sidebar.

  13. Prêt à Porter P, this will mark my first year that I shop smart. Even when I'm in NYC in a couple of months time I plan to shop with a list... I hope that this way I will not be side tracked into buying things that I don't really need (of course though like you I will allow myself to buy the out of left field perfect pieces that I may have not considered).

    Ps. I love your leopard loafers... I only recently got mine, but can see already that they will be a staple this year!


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