Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Guide

gift guide

"The Holidays" have long since been over for me but why the heck not I thought I'd get in on the fun and make my own gift guide--actually it's more like things to buy myself eventually.
  1. Baccarat jewelry: No orange, no blue, I like the little red boxes.
  2. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo: I've heard about washing wool in baby shampoo too, but I'd rather not risk it.
  3. Black Fleece Navy Blazer Key Fob: Hard to justify the price on such frippery, but a cute hypothetical gift.
  4. Rare Bird of Fashion: I've been meaning to get this for a while now.
  5. White Chocolate
  6. but Godiva chocolates are nice too.


  1. Haha! How fun! Love the chocolate.
    Have you ever tried the APC x AESOP fine fabric care detergent? It's amazing and the smell... oh, let's just say that I sniff at my sweaters for hours after washing them!

  2. Fleurette: Thanks for the tip but the APC one is not easily available here. Nordstrom's has a well reviewed fine detergent but I'm never sure if "fine" includes wool. Either way I just ordered The Laundress one, they're on sale at Bloomingdale's.

  3. For my wool and cashmeres, I do a cold water/vinegar soak followed by a soak in cold water with a few capfuls of Woolite. It works really well and smells mild.

    Also, I love white chocolate. Valrhona Ivoires (usually in the baking section of specialty stores) is other favorite are the white Green & Blacks bars, usually available at the supermarket. And while we're at it, Trader Joe's had this absolutely fantastic baking bar (not the chips!!!) that they've since run out of and not restocked at my local store. It was actually 45% cocoa butter, higher percentage than even the Valrhona, and extremely cocoa-buttery tasting. I have the hardest time finding quality white chocolate around here. I think it's because it's not "fashionable" in the "foodie" world, everyone likes to brag about just how dark they like their chocolate! White chocolate will be the next thing, I know it. We're just ahead of the trend! :)

  4. for fine hand-washables i use dr bronner's soap. the lavender is quite nice for clothes. no chemicals and it's very mild, yet effective. also economical. :)

    i'm mostly over the holidays, too. while living abroad we found it challenging and burdensome to do gifts so we simply stopped. sometimes we get a tree, though.

  5. I feel very "Forrest Gumpy" when Xmas time comes and I don't even celebrate it really. But for once in a long long time, I have a week off at this date, so I plan to cozy up and delight on at least one box of chocolates.

  6. I tried the shampoo thing with one of my wool sweaters - I hate myself for not checking when I bought it. Anyway, it worked fine for 2 washes. I haven't tried a third time, because I got so tired of the idea of handwashing - the washing is easy, the dry is a bitch - that I stopped wearing it.

    "Rare Bird of Fashion" looks incredible!

  7. lovely!


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