Friday, December 16, 2011

Grey Area

12.14The Sartorialistas

The Sartorialist has touched on “abstract inspiration” before. Often it’s not about trying to replicate the total look, but it can be a silhouette, color scheme, item, or mood that is inspiring. Case in point is this editorial entitled “The Sartorialistas.” I wouldn’t wear any of these looks in entirety, yet I wouldn't have thought to pair leopard loafers with a grey suit on my own. As always you can click the pictures for outfit details. I’m probably one of those rare creatures that find editorial images, especially menswear ones, more applicable to my life.

ph(right): Interview Magazine


  1. I also find menswear images very inspiring, in spite of the fact that the look doesn't suit me personally. But I do enjoy the little details, such as color combinations, and discovering things like leopard shoes with pinstripes.

  2. nice interpretation, an excellent choice that is very "-h". :)

  3. love the way you interpret this look...especially the added element of those leopard loafers. leopard is always a challenge, at least for me, but I think it works here. I always say leopard in moderation. at any rate, a very vogue paris interpretation!

  4. It's usually the case with menswear - there aren't too many unwearable looks and I like all the little layering tricks that actually work for real life. You look terrific as usual, I agree leopard and pinstripes is such a fresh look but still subtle.

  5. And being inspired by menswear adds a particular charm to your personal style which makes it more interesting for me!!!


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