Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sale Shopping

ADR shopping
With all the year end sales going on since November, it’s possible to lose one’s head over all the markdowns. I love Anna Dello Russo’s funny and actually quite practical sale shopping rules—save for #9—it’s not that different from how I shop:

“The fateful moment of CLOTHING SALE is coming!
I’m going to tell you my 10 RULES for making excellent purchases:


2. Not buy USELESS stuff.
They are like the exotic SOUVENIRS, that when you return from the trip, encumber and ruin the aesthetics of the house.

3. Point your FAV PIECE like your BIG LOVE.
Stay posted to the window, follow the customers’ movements, wait the first day of sales.

4. Buy only COLLECTOR’S ITEMS out of the ordinary: otherwise you will get the nth black coat!

5. Don’t go RANDOMLY, you’ll spend more energy and money.

6. Take your WISH-list MAP.

7. Give yourself a BUDGET and follow your WISH-list priorities.

8. Don’t get DUPED by sales:
They are like the beautiful mermaids of PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN 4 that first seduce you and then drag you to the bottom of the sea.

9. Buy only DESIGNER’S clothes.
Why? high-quality is guaranteed.

10. Not fly commercial!
Take the chance to go in the FORBIDDEN stores and satisfies all your WHIMS!”


  1. I do agree i have been known to come a cropper with sale shopping - so it is only if very very special and i dont already have it for me - now to stick to it x

  2. Oh yeah I loved this and it made me laugh out loud when I first read it!

  3. I read the list imagining her saying each item in her accent :)

    I mostly agree.

  4. Love this, thanks for sharing. I love her enthusiasm. She's a bit confusing on some points, but she's quite right about the rest - I love her sense of purpose.

    I too, stalk my "big loves" like a maniac until sales happen.

  5. Far too much temptation when I go out sale shopping, although thankfully I never usually give in, unless I have left over money from whatever budget I went out with. I keep a list of things I would like to buy and buy from that list. Thankfully if I miss it at the sales I can usually hunt it down after or wait for the next season re-release (especially with staples, although I wish Rick would do a new doublelayer longsleeve).

  6. Good tips! The sales are the devil!


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