Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chanel Keyboards

Chanel Keyboard
Do you remember in the mid to late 90s when saks/neimans did those phone book sized catalogs? It's hard to believe these days but once upon a time designer shoes were in the $300-$500 range, and Chanel bags were under $1000. I don't know the exact year this is from. It could easily be from 15+ years ago, but to this day I feel nostalgic whenever I see Chanel keyboards.


  1. Love the picture! And those shoes are a beauty, can't believe the tremendous effect of inflation in the industry!!

  2. I had never seen a Chanel keyboard before!!!

  3. It's insane how high the prices are now, and it's not like wages have been increasing at the same rate! I remember (vaguely, so don't quote me) Louboutins being under $500 at one point in time. And I used to pick up shoes on clearance for under $300. Nowadays, even on clearance, most are $700+! Absolutely ridiculous.

  4. that is incredibly witty and makes me sad that i wasn't old enough or able to stock up on chanel when it was priced like that!


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