Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cream Bouclé Jacket

J. Crew Cream Bouclé Jacket

personal scan from J.Crew catalog


  1. Just found your blog ... really love it.. can I ask a few questions?

    1. how tall are you? you look quite tall to me (haha, I'm 5'1")

    2. where do you get the images from old Vogue magazines?


  2. Hi Jackie: nope not tall, for some reason I just photograph tall. My editorial sources vary from personal scans, tfs, fashion gone rogue, etc...credits are at the bottoms of the post they appear.

  3. Boucle is so pretty. My boucle jackets are some of my favorite things.

  4. A bouclè jacket is something I hope to add to my wardrobe some day, but I haven't found a style I like that's within my budged yet:)

  5. I'm not convinced by the attached flowers, but I do like boucle.
    Is this a current season photograph? (We don't have J Crew here).

  6. Just when I was telling myself that the bouclé Zara jacket was not for me... I love the way it's styled here with the slightly wrinkled trousers and Converse me! ;))

  7. catsaymeow: This image is a few years old at least.

    Aissa: I bought a zara cream boucle jacket last year that I ended up returning, but a cream boucle jacket has stayed in my mind since as an alternative to a white blazer.

  8. Funny you should post this, until recently I owned this boucle jacket. I wore it to death for about 2 years and this past Xmas, because of a move, I gave it to a family member.


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