Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mme Grès // Rick Owens

Mme Grès 1938 RO sweater
Mme Grès 1938 // Rick Owens 2012

I've always admired Madame Grès's focused, almost obsessive vision. The construction of her pieces was so soft; they depended so much on the body inside them. When I started making clothes, I applied my own ripped-T-shirt, Scotch-taped method of construction to the idea of elegance and languor I saw in Grès's work. I identified with her intricate draping and her monochromatic palette. Her work often hinted at classical goddesses, and I've tried to reference them as well--albeit in a much rougher way. I also loved her mystique: the turban, the invented name, the reclusiveness. The whole package was just right. I always got a devotional, self-sacrificing vibe from her, so I was pleased to learn she drove a Jaguar E-type custom-upholstered in black suede.
-Rick Owens (Town & Country, April 2011)

ph: personal scan; outnet


  1. mmmm, another reason why i love RO. there's a lot of designers doing the Gres-esque draping, but only RO does it in such an updated, compelling way.

    if i didn't love jeans and pants so much i'd be living in long slinky skirts!

  2. Why not do the entire dress? The 'inspiration' is transparent enough.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if he has at some point. Last season he had a piece flat out called "Gres".

  3. Madame Gres is one of my favorite designers. I hope to build a small collection of her dresses one day.

  4. thank you for sharing this I love the comparison between the two. plus, I love what rick owens has stated I couldn't agree more! :)


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