Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just For Fun

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Sometimes when I'm bored or procrastinating, I google those little style quizzes. I took this one (I'm not going to cut and paste it, it's all right there.) Sometimes I've had weird results from other style quizzes, but this one turned out fairly representative of me. I ended up as a cross between The Fashionista and The Classic. I put in bold the parts I especially identify with:

The Fashionista: 
 You’re the ultimate fashionista! You love the big city. You adore your uniform of all black with stiletto boots, stiletto pumps, or stiletto sandals. You love to dress up, be in all the latest trends, and wear all designer names. You know which pieces to spend your money on and how to make the whole look appear expensive. You never miss an issue of Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar. Your color palette is black and more black, paired with the color of the moment, which is, of course, "the new black."
The Classic:  
You have an easy way about dressing and are always put together and chic. You stick very close to the basics. You can buy your clothes at Gap or on Madison Avenue, or a combination — after all, a classic is a classic. Your wardrobe consists of white button-down shirts, jeans and slacks, the perfect black blazer, the perfect little black dress, and a fabulous trench coat or two. You also have a drawer full of beautiful scarves and a closet full of gorgeous purses. Your color palette is denim, white, and black, with splashes of color here and there in the form of an accessory such as a scarf or purse. Clothing is basically neutral in color. The ultimate example of a classic is, of course, Jackie O. 

While I do like "The Classic Classics," I also have a love for the bold, over-the-top, and avant-garde. Under Fashionista I seldom wear my heels these days, but in theory I love my stilettos. Under Classic sometimes I look downright sloppy, but I "feel" chic. And with jeans, I like very clean, basic jeans, except black wax. Technically I own white shirts, a drawer full of scarves, even the perfect LBD, but I seldom wear them. Except I wear my black/white and leopard scarves regularly. A wardrobe epiphany: I do best with long rectangular silk scarves. The cotton ones get too bulky...why I still want a pink! LemLem one I don't know...

I would love to read your results, and whether you think it fits you.

ph: saywho / quiz results: Fashion for Dummies.


  1. I got the classic! I think it's pretty much dead on since I have some trouble thinking up of anything really crazy or trendy that I really want to buy. For example, while I like the whole waxed jean look, I don't think I'll be buying a pair until another half decade--or until I've got my basic wardrobe down! I don't own a white button down, LBD, or any trenchcoats yet, but they're all on my buy lists. I guess I'm a fledgling classic dresser--I just need to get my wardrobe together!

  2. Wow - I often pass those quizzes off as too generic but you're right, this one seems pretty representative of you! I'll have to do this one and get back to you!

  3. I got Bohemian/Fashionista! I can kind of see that!

  4. I got prep with a dash of classic and fashionista :) Pretty spot-on.

  5. Same as you, Fashionista/Classic! :)

  6. Those little quizzes can be fun. Mine was all over the place because most of the choices weren't good ones for me. (For instance, the shoes: boots weren't on there, so...)
    But yes, the two categories in your post fairly accurately describe your unique (and awesome) aesthetic.

  7. I haven't taken a quiz like this in forever! I got mostly classic, but I think there are some latent prep tendencies lurking around somewhere as well.

  8. i haven't taken one of these in awhile so this was fun. for some reason I landed mostly f's and found myself a suburbanite. I see some similarities but overall i don't think its a complete match. i try to be sporty chic casual but I am also not a mom...and they sort of generalized this category for mom's. very interesting to analyze, though! thanks for sharing. p.s. I am curious are you on Facebook?

  9. fun quiz! i got classic with a touch of fashionista.

  10. The fashionista inspires me, but in real life I am more of a classic dresser, bordering on basic. I don't have a closet full of scarves nor purses but I would love to have purses in neutral tones.


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