Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Au Monlahcha Skulthai

Where DSaks is unapologetically glamourous, Au Monlahcha Skulthai is quietly elegant. Her distinctive style mixes the glamorous with the avant-garde topped off with a dose of humor and practicality. Note how she repurposes pieces for both casual and dressy occasions. Au Monlahcha knows what works for her, and sticks to it—the true markings of style.
decon jacket
ams 2
ams 3
beaded dressorange draping
mesh piece
ams 1
black drop
all denim
flower back
ph: Au Monlahcha Skulthai (TPF: Asian & Hermes)


  1. Woah! Insanely cool. And I rather wish I could find some Comme drop crotch trousers to fit me like that, but they are always too short.

  2. My favorite outfit is the one with the over-sized white shirt, black croc birkin, and jeans and ballet flats. She really knows how to play with proportion!

  3. I don't like her bags chooses. but the rest is so perfect :)


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