Sunday, December 9, 2012

D Saks

I discovered the fabulous DSaks (short for Diana Saksens) through TPF's: Asians and Hermes. (Yes, the thread is exactly what it sounds.) Someone on the thread described her as glamour full-stop, and for this fabulous creature, the bags aren't even the most interesting thing about her style.
black abaya
tan floppy hat
 safari hat 2
gold sequins
gold stripe tunic 2
pendant 2
gold buttons
sweater casual
black white red 2
turban style 3
white cape 2
floppy hat tan (2)
emdb abaya
 ph: @dsaks


  1. wow love everything about her style...thank you for sharing this, very inspiring!

  2. Awesome. Sort of has an Aureta Thomollari vibe. Obsessed with that chainmail she's wearing in the last picture!

  3. This is just too, too good. :)))

  4. Woah, I don't usually use the word glamourous, but it is the only word that fits.

  5. Looove the outfit with green pants!! So fabulous!

  6. 'the bags aren't even the most interesting thing about her style.' It's not just what you write, Pret, it's the way you write it. The pacing.

    Yes, like Odyssey said, this is just too, too good. Those shots with the green trousers and striped jacket.. gorgeous. And the shot by the food cart, with her black and tan striped sleeves and leopard print ballet shoes.. such an interesting style challenge: the only rules are your head, legs and arms must be covered, and within that, infinite possibilities.

  7. Wow! Love this! I'm just imagining the glamorous lifestyle she's got to go with her amazing outfits!

  8. My goodness, she's beyond glamorous! She's fearless with her clothes.

  9. I especially like DSaks style because it is not easy to look this good and glamourous when you do layering.
    Diana Sakens shows a lot of personality in her outfits and she always manages to enhance her beauty, which is not that obvious.
    I especially like how she manages o balance colors and proportions, the results are often unique and always beyond glamourous.


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