Sunday, December 30, 2012

November 2012 Recap

Nov 2012
Oct: Black Fleece navy blazer; Brooks top; Salt Work jeans
Margiela/H&M blazer; Zara pants; Charles Jourdan shoes
Chanel Jacket; KJL strawberry necklace; Gap tee; Dior Homme jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes
Banana Republic blue velvet jacket; Target tee; Brook & Lyn necklace; Zara pants; Kenneth Cole shoes

Nov 20121
Zara scarf; Kenneth Cole jacket; Brooks boy's shirt; Used Fr jeans; Banana Republic shoes
Brooks boy's shirt; Brooks girl's vest; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Brooks cardigan; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Polo jacket; J.Lindeberg top; Used Fr jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes


  1. That velvet blazer looks really good. And I would wear that second look in the bottom set, looks seriously cool. Happy New Year!

  2. You can't go wrong with that ivory Chanel jacket. What a find for you!
    I like the consistency of shape in all these ensembles.

    1. good eye! even though I wear different aesthetics, I still stick to the same silhouettes and proportions.

  3. Love the way the margiela blazer looks on you! So slick, really a great find!

  4. My favourite ensemble would be the H&MxMMM blazer/Zara pairing, but then again I'm biased towards streamlined head-to-toe silhouette in black.

    Happy New Year!


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