Saturday, December 1, 2012

October 2012 Recap

Oct 2012 1
 Norma Kamali sweater; Riller & Fount tank; KJL necklace; Dior Homme jeans; Boutique 9 boots
Black Fleece blazer, charm; Brooks Bros top; Zara pants; Kenneth Cole shoes 
Brooks Bros sweater; Kingsley tee; Earnest Sewn jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes 
UO scarf; All Saints sweater; Used Fr jeans; B9 boots

 Oct 2012 2
self designed dress; vtg belt; Kenneth Cole shoes 
BCBG suit; Brooks Bros shirt; velvet slippers 
Brooks Bros scarf; J.crew blazer; I Voted! sticker; Dior Homme jeans; Kenneth Cole belt, shoes 
leopard trench; Zara dress; cheap ebay boots


  1. Guess which is my favorite? Wait - scratch that. On second thought, they're all favorites.

  2. My favorite from the first row are the 2nd and 4th. And from the second row, your self designed dress is amazing.

  3. love love love all these looks, especially the first and second and last! your kelly is beautiful!! did i miss your post on it somehow?

  4. amazing style..i must say that norma kamali sweater is perfection, i want one! :)

  5. Every time I see your outfit pictures I wish that I could do slouchy skinnies like you, but there is no way, I am thin but slightly curvy and skinny jeans just-will-not-slouch on me me.
    You look great!

  6. You have some mad layering skills. I love the texture of that BCBG suit!

  7. Haha: I just saw Stephanie's comment. They're all my favourites, too, but the top row, second in.. I don't see who made the bag, it's such a classic look but so sharp, fresh, I just want to dress like that every day, with the striped shirt.. and I LOVE the bottom right, with the leopard trench. Who made that? Is it vintage?

    Every time I think I'm done with leopard, I see it in a new way. It is the new black!

    I hope you're well, -h, and hope to see you this winter. I don't know yet when we'll visit - just crossing my fingers and hoping it will be sometime soon! Til then, wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. thank you. the navy bag is vintage. and the coat is not, bought a few years ago.

  8. That dress you designed yourself looks fantastic! And that second look is so good.

  9. That draping/slightly slouchy casual thing you do is so great. I love that kind of cool elegance.


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