Wednesday, January 2, 2013

End of the Year Recap 2012

In 2012, I exceeded my 20-25 item quota, but overall I enjoy and have use for my keepers. I did buy a lot of accessories (especially jewelry) and found things I'm always on the look out for at fantastic deals. Mango really came through for me last year for work trousers. And I finally had my BCBG black jacquard trousers completely altered. So I don't think I "need" to buy pants for a very long time.

I was not without missteps though, some I was quick to return and others culled/sold. I swapped out the McQueen/Target trench from earlier (it didn't fit me then, shouldn't have bought it now) for McQueen/Samsonite luggage.

July-December 2012:
2012 Dark Recap

Clearly I can never have enough black!
 Margiela/H&M narrow shoulder blazer
+J/Uniqlo black merino sweater
All Saints long cardigan (Wore it so much I need to fix a snag in the upper sleeve)
black arm/leg warmers*
Old Navy charcoal tee
Baccarat "Samoa" ring
Alexander McQueen/Samsonite crocodile luggage
F21 pewter stud bracelets x3
Banana Republic black driving shoes*
2012 color
Zara white jacquard shawl collar blazer*
Target white long sleeve tee
F21 silver stud bracelet
Brooks raspberry cable cardigan*
Baccarat large "Eclipse" necklace

*not exact item

How did your shopping go for the year?


  1. Oh goodness, that ring and necklace are so, SO beautiful! So beautiful. My heart aches looking at them. They are perfect for your style and will hopefully be your companions for many years.

    I also find myself eyeing those leg warmers . . . . :) Beautiful choices.

  2. Well done, good buys.
    My missteps last year were a few makeup purchases. My focus for 2013 will be footwear and possibly some grey clothing.

  3. Love that luggage! (as you know) It looks like that one has a handle at the top, which mine desperately lacks :(

  4. I wish I had such a clear vision of my style and taste as you do! I'm still a bit all over the place and bought too many clothes in 2012, but at least I did better than the year before and only had a few missteps.

  5. Looks like you got some good stuff! Love the maxi dress, looks so effortless and comfortable but still very cool. And that McQueen suitcase is just insane! I think if I had to put together all my purchases for the year I would be dragged out into the street and shot. I don't do too well with self-control... I am getting so much better at avoiding impulse purchases though, and I do try to purge as I buy so that I'm not just accumulating endless masses of stuff. Thanks too for stopping by and commenting,

  6. hi, I am loving the Paloma Picasso necklace! Is it very heavy? I see from your previous post that you wear it alot -- I love a versatile piece!

    1. it's heavy, but I like heavy jewelry.

    2. Well, I just found one on ebay and snatched it up!! Hope I love it! :-)

  7. I'm impressed by your discipline. I remember reading your recap of 2011 last year, and especially about those LD Tuttle boots. Will you be attempting the same number of items for 2013?

    1. I'm aiming to buy less clothing this year.

  8. That luggage is fabulous and so worth buying.
    Right now I'm on 6-mo fashion-shopping ban.
    Maybe one day will get a fabulous Palais Royale coat... ;)

  9. As always, I admire your restraint shopping wise.
    I love all the black items you got. Even the basics look "strong". Must be the color effect!
    I've re-discovered the pleasure of second hand bargains and my plan is to keep shutting out those online store emails and to keep avoiding the mass ready to wear stores: I'm so fed up of seeing the same items all over the world.


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