Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wrist Down

Phil Poynter 
Andrew Cowen
Chris Tribelhorn
Thomas Lagrange
Serge Guerand
 ph: Phil Poynter; Andrew Cowen; Chris Tribelhorn; Thomas Lagrange; Serge Guerand


  1. A cocktail ring and a men's style watch is definitely on my wish list for spring!

  2. Nice shots!I like it when luxe jewellery is desecrated of its usual cautious high end settings, typically nightlife.
    Not that it doesn't make eating a burger or casually stroking the waters on a yacht less glamourous... But it's real luxury in my opinion to be fearless and casual enough with that much bling around and go on with your daily (good) life!

    1. I've cracked and shattered quite a few jewels in my day going about my daily life.

  3. i love luxury bling taken out of context. :)


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