Thursday, April 25, 2013

Louis Vuitton 1999

Louis Vuitton 1999Louis Vuitton 1999
Louis Vuitton 1999Louis Vuitton 1999 Louis Vuitton 1999
A beautiful and memorable Louis Vuitton ad campaign featuring Fernanda Tavares. 
Prior to 2006, I was a follower of Vuitton. Demi-Lune, Nocturne, Noctambule, and Reverie all since discontinued styles.

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  1. these are such poetic images! i feel like a lot of luxury houses changed course in the mid-2000s. i like that Hermes has remained steadfast throughout all the It-ness...

  2. One of my favorite things about flipping through the Vogue Archive is having access to all of the beautiful ads over the years- so inspiring. I love how well-thought out this is.

    I agree with Miss Sophie about Hermes.

  3. I love her eyebrows!
    The bags aren't too shabby themselves ;)

  4. Beautiful images. I have just scrolled through your blog and I love it. I relate to your style and find I struggle at times to blend my natural leanings toward classic and Avant Garde. You do this beautifully...I will be watching and learning :).

  5. So elegant. Happy weekend from Italy

  6. That really is a beautiful style (and campaign), too bad they've discontinued it though, it seems to be one of those lines that transcends time.

  7. Striking imagery, campaign. I wouldn't mind one of the tote bags.
    It almost feels like betrayal when a design house changes its direction, no longer offering those products we once admired.


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