Friday, June 28, 2013

DVT's Mundane Style

DVT @ Podiatrist
Dita Von Teese at the Podiatrist
It's refreshing to see pictures of Dita Von Teese and her unwavering commitment to her look. This woman's no slouch, even doing mundane activities like going to the doctor's office or grocery shopping. She uses no stylist and does her own hair and makeup, and manages to look infinitely better than celebrities with a paid glam squad. The Coveteur peeks into DVT's wardrobe, in which her demure day style provides an interesting contrast to her "night job." -ps. just out of curiosity, can anyone ID her bag?

 "Glamour is great, but more ordinary clothes--and more mundane moments--
reveal a woman's true style and spirit." -unknown

ph: Bauer Griffin


  1. I never thought much about her look and thought maybe it was a passing thing but over time it became clear that she is, like you said, committed. She pulls off her look with such amazing grace and style.

  2. The bag is the Antonia North/South from British brand Smythson. I think its from a couple of years ago. Smythson's ex-creative director is the wife of the current Prime Minister David Cameron.

  3. Dita is such an amazing woman. I like that she dismisses the often flippant attitude of many people in the spotlight about what it takes to look so good. I remember reading about her saying she swims everyday, and the fact that she goes to the effort to dress and makeup herself is even better.

    The anon quote rings true. How you carry yourself in your everyday life is very telling!

  4. Consistency and effort are key. She knows.. :)

  5. Wow, I've actually never seen photos of Dita in this paparazzi style, so its shocking to see she is this committed to her look outside the stage and red carpet. It truly is a glamourpuss state that I once dreamed of living in, but people like Kim Kardashian make being glam 24/7 seem trite and obnoxious. Dita just makes it seem like 2 steps ahead of Jackie O or any 40s actress.

  6. She is flawless, she represents another level of looking "perfect". I have even more sympathy for her, when learned she's a natural blonde who went dark.


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