Saturday, June 8, 2013

Masters of Style: John Galliano

I actually re-discovered Masters of Style (an off-shoot of Fashion File) with my fashion hero Tim Blanks on Hulu two years ago, but this is the first time I've gotten around to watching any of the videos. While I recognize the extraordinary creativity of John Galliano, he isn't one of my personal favorite designers. It was interesting to watch this profile on him to gain a better understanding of Galliano's fashion history and aesthetic. One can see the beauty of his pivotal collections: FW 1994 (an oriental themed collection produced with virtually no money and the social influence of André Leon Talley) and FW 1997 (his applauded debut during Haute Couture season at the helm of Christian Dior). Throughout his work, and perhaps inspired by his museum and theater experience, his collections continually referenced history and the vibrancy of other cultures. Galliano created astounding oriental themed collections, such as the "origami" Dior SS 2007 Couture show. As a fan of oriental fashion, I liked seeing the Far East is a consistent inspiration throughout his career. Infusing these far-flung references with the 1940's silhouettes of M. Christian Dior, like it or not, created a colorful dichotomy. All theatrics aside, I certainly agree with Tim Blanks assessment that "the man sure knows how to make a dress."

I hope you can forgive the brief commercial breaks on the Hulu version; the quality is infinitely better than the blurry youtube version. However, you can watch the youtube version here.


  1. Thanks for the YouTube link. Hulu isn't available for us deprived Canadians ;)
    Galliano had a cool website around 97 that chronicled the adventures of Ms. Galliano. She rode a scooter and it was animated. You got to choose different doors/adventures for her to take and what outfits she'd wear. I think she had a cat too. Of course I can't find anything about it anywhere! It was pretty cool and most likely too advanced for the time, hence its disappearance.

    1. Thanks for watching the video. The Ms. Galliano website sounds pretty fun. There's seems to have been more creativity in fashion back in the day. Everything is starting to become too "chic" which admittedly is more relevant to the times.

  2. mmm i read about this on Business of Fashion recently. i love finding some old fashion documentary and watching the younger versions of today's bigwigs. i'll have to add this to my video queue this weekend...


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