Saturday, August 3, 2013


Renowned for their vibrant psychedelic prints, I always associated Pucci with jet-set tropical resort wear, but it turns out Emilio Pucci got his big break designing ski wear. Who knew?

Other interesting facts about the House of Pucci: 
  • NASA enlisted Emilio Pucci to design the Apollo 15 insignia (1970s).
  • Marilyn Monroe was buried in a solid green Pucci dress.
  • Famous fans of Pucci also included Jackie O and even Barbie.
  • Succeeding Emilio Pucci (and subsequently his daughter) were: If you're old enough, you'll remember Matthew Williamson. And if you're really old like me, you'll remember Christian Lacroix. Currently, the head designer is Peter Dundas.
More ultra fabulous Pucci pictures here.

ph: ???; Vogue Fr Aug 2009 (; net-a-porter


  1. Ski wear? Lacroix was at Pucci?? Learnt a few new things today! Love that last maxi skirt.

  2. I didn't know any of this lore! Thank you, especially the bit about Christian Lacroix. How did I not know that? I've been seeing lots more Pucci and Pucci-inspired prints since arriving in New York, and I love that aesthetic to bits. It's so HAPPY.

  3. Did you just call yourself "really old"? Stop that at once. ;)
    I did not know that bit about Pucci and ski wear.
    I admit, although I don't wear prints anymore, I always had a fondness for Pucci designs. Good stuff.


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