Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheap & Chic

cheap & chic
Some recent-ish cheap & chic purchases, all under $25:

F21 b&w stripe top: $9.80

F21 cage rings (set of three): $5.09
(So happy I found these "Berbère" rings!)

camellia jelly sandals: $0
(Cashed in on ebay bucks)

Boohoo maxi dress: $24
(I went 2 sizes up. It's held up through machine washing and a torrential downpour)

Have you purchased anything cheap & chic lately?


  1. Just some classic little black leather ballet pumps for £14. I can't say fairer than that.

  2. Purchased some Swiss dot tights on eBay recently, will attempt to do a D.I.Y. of the Saint Laurent crystal tights. My Bedazzler has yet to show up though, I may have left it somewhere in my parents' house maybe.

  3. Depends on what's meant by cheap.. ;) I bought a Johnny Cash Hot Topic t-shirt over the summer. Not sure that qualifies as chic, though.

  4. love your cheap & chic finds. the JC strappy heels i found on sale = my recent find. not as cheap as yours, but a fair enough price for the chic factor!

  5. I usually like to keep my makeup bag as edited as my wardrobe but recently I picked up some new cheapie lipsticks in new shades for me: beige, cherry red, bright pink. Sometimes an inexpensive little something is just what you need.


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