Thursday, September 12, 2013


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Off the clock, I'm either classic or crazy! While I can look put-together wearing my work clothes all the time, I prefer not to. Overall, I can be more experimental (disheveled) in my downtime. For better or worse, I have a tendency to over-accessorize...and I'm never wearing that stupid hat with my Margiela caftan again!


  1. Stupid hat with Margiela caftan, what have I missed??

  2. i think it's always good to have a wildcard streak - especially in your downtime! loving the Dior bag and your snakeskin tote.

  3. I love love the combat boots teamed with the skinny pants and RO jacket... This is the kind of badass look that make me turn my head around. It's tough but classy. I want to copy that.
    I also really like the "classic" loooks too! Especially the one with your Zara (I think?) cream jacket... Sweet!

  4. I still love your Chanel jacket. Once the weather starts to turn my Chanel tweed jackets will come out. I've been contemplating adding another, but I really do have more than enough.

  5. I hate that when I look back at outfits and think never again. Particularly, when the never again moment is in the not too distant past!


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