Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fashion Resolutions 2013: 3/4 Year Update

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan (1978)
With three-quarters of the year gone, here’s a July to now update of how I’m doing on my resolutions. For some reason after July and the first Eid my brain resets into the next year. Long, neurotic post ahead…but personally I enjoy reading other people’s “methods to the madness” so feel free to share.

1. Buy Less and Spend Less On Clothing.
The floodgates opened in July: 3 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 scarves, 1 pair of earrings, and 1 coat. Yoox had amazing sales, hence the Margiela caftan and grabbing a Rick Owens coat for less than an All Saints one.

The rest of my clothing comes from F21, Boohoo, Asos, Brooks, and H&M. Overall, accessories outweigh my clothing. (…Next year buy less accessories?) I looked through some pictures from prior years and I look quite stylish in my F21 skirt and Target pants, whereas today I’m quite disenchanted with some of my “designer” goods: Chanel jacket and YSL pumps I’m looking at you.

2. Focus on Jewelry Instead.
I banked on my ebay bucks and replaced my pearl earrings in July. I’m so happy with my cheapy F21 “repossi” rings. 

To celebrate all the hard work that went into achieving bonus, I rebooted next year's fund for my Special Piece. After some recon in August, I finalized the decision of the exact piece I want.

3. Shop For and Maintain a Wardrobe that is Suitable for Me.
I still haven’t taken care of my alterations. I have several pairs of shoes that need to go to the cobbler. I sold off a bag I rarely used and several other things on ebay. I reminded myself not to settle for almosts (H&M almost got my faux leather pants right) and purchased practical things instead. An observation: I’m very efficient about shopping for work clothes—primarily because I’m particular about fit and quality.

ph: Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan (1978) via Michael Hoppen Gallery


  1. Good for you!
    I have a closet full of clothes I haven't worn yet due to their need of alterations.
    I still need to find a good pair of classic, good quality, water repellant winter boots.

  2. Nice update...I should update on mine but I've been caught at work to think straight and come up with a semi-coherent post. I have shoes I want to bring to a cobbler's the rational thing to do to extend their lifespan but. so. lazy.

  3. I'm kind of disappointed in myself with my purchases this year. I bought a few things that I love, but then I also bought a lot of vintage (one-of-a-kind!) stuff that I ended up selling off mere days later. I think I've been doing a lot of stress shopping - some days I wish I could give up my promotion, but still keep my pay raise, haha.

    I've also been thinking a lot about the items that I love, and realized that a great majority I purchased when I didn't have as much money to spend on clothing - a lot of things from my StyleDiary days I still love. I think back then I still liked nice things but I really had to love something and think about it for a very long time before letting go of my money, whereas now, it's a lot more impulse shopping. I think I need a few months of no-buy to reflect.

    1. Congratulations on your promotion!

      I too am trying to be better on how much and what I spend my money on with fashion purchases. In the past few years, I went for "museum, one-of-kind-pieces" that while wearable, I'm limited with what/where/when I can wear them. (I just wore my Alexander McQueen dress for the 1st time this year last week. I don't think I've worn my Theyskens' Theory mermaid skirt this year at all.) In other words, I need to consider whether a purchase is for my real or "imaginary" life. When I look back on my fashion expenses in past years, I realized that I've spent more than what a piece of fine jewelry, that I had written off as unattainable, costs. When I think of my happiest years, they weren't the years I bought 20 skirts, pants, jackets or designer clothes, but the years that I went on vacation. Not to mention I purchased McQueen/Samsonite luggage for a steal last year I have yet to use! Ultimately, I'm realizing that I would rather put the money towards jewelry (which I feel raises my spirits more than clothing), vacations, or into my savings.

  4. This reads like a true and honest reflection. To date, I haven't bought as many items in 2013 as last year but my wish list IS shrinking, so that's good.
    I agree that Yoox has incredible sales, as well as regular prices. My credit card and Yoox are on very friendly terms. ;)
    You're disenchanted with your Chanel jacket?

    1. the zipper broke the very first time I wore it, before even leaving the house! and I'm wary of dry cleaning it, as removing and re-sewing the buttons would be an added hassle.


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