Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013

Alexander McQueen PreFall 2013
While the full-fledged Fall 2013 collection was astounding in its own right, I prefer the the Pre-Fall collection because it expresses the theme yet remains "wearable." Religiosity and past centuries Europe were prevalent themes on the Fall runways. Tim Blanks' review likened the collection to "low-church" humility versus the "high-church" opulence of the Fall show. The high necklines and body-concealing silhouettes (there are body conscious shapes for those that prefer...as seen on Kris) suggest austerity, but it wouldn't be Burton's McQueen without romance and luxury. There's the McQueen signature of sharp tailoring and an even sharper waist, there's sumptuous velvets, and an abundance of embroidery--even the most priestly looks are full brocade. It's piety, but McQueen style.

ph: Alexander McQueen


  1. Those waists and shoulders bring me joy . . . now, if I could get up the nerve to walk into the new Madison flagship . . .

    The capes in particular are inspiring . . .

    1. McQueen has gotten sooooo expensive now, which if the construction is as good as it seems to be...it is as it should be. I can only dream. I remember being in awe whenever I would see pictures of the McQueen NYC boutique in retail design books. Too bad I don't like any of the under the four figures skull stuff, so I'll never have an excuse to set foot in there. I've only been inside the Vegas store.

  2. The mainline collection blew me away but this is stunning, and as you say much more wearable. I like the low church, high church analogy!

  3. Breath-taking collection. The shapes are phenomenal.

  4. The collection feels out of this world/time, it stays true to McQueen's vision I feel. The fit, volume and materials are incredibly beautiful.


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