Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick Thoughts on the FW 2013 Collections

CD & AV FW 2013
Christan Dior / Atelier Versace 

As you know I like to look through the runways during their actual seasons. It certainly feels like FW 2013 was a billion years ago. The process of combing through the collections is taking longer than expected, because I am blown away by just how many fantastic collections there are. Whether by standards of design, craftsmanship, and/or styling...and I happen to be aesthetically biased towards the themes of the collections...all add up to me being really impressed by the Fall/Winter offerings. Of course there are designers that are consistently good at sticking to their look, for me that's Ralph Lauren and Ann Demeulemeester. And then there are designers I'm thrilled to be excited about again. Also in the shake ups at the popular maisons: Alexander Wang had a good debut at Balenciaga. I'm not going to cover it, as I'm assuming many of your have already seen it. (But for those who haven't it's here). As I gather my images and thoughts, here are two show-stopping looks of the season from Christian Dior (under Raf Simons) and Atelier Versace. Two wildly polar opposites, but both appeal to my pendulum swinging tastes.

ph: Monica Feudi / Marcus Tondo


  1. I always enjoy your intelligent writing and thoughts on the seasonal collections. I assume there's further commentary forthcoming...?

  2. Taking the time to properly digest a collection is a luxury in itself. With the fast pace of the internet now etc it feels as if there's always a mad panic about who can post a new collection first. I'd rather wait and hear a more insightful commentary, or simply take the time to think it over myself.


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