Friday, December 20, 2013

Do You Remember the Time? Balenciaga FW 2005 and Zara FW 2013

Balenciaga FW 2005 vs Zara FW 2013
Do you remember the time? Yes, I certainly do. Balenciaga FW 2005 was one of my favorite collections not just of Balenciaga but also ranks as one of my most memorable fashion collections. The fur trimmed version of the coat appeared in countless editorials that season. You can see Luxirare wearing a black version of the coat here and here. And now fast forward 8 years later, Zara has resurrected this iconic Ghesquière era Balenciaga coat.

ph: Marcio Madeira; Zara


  1. Good eye! It's less obvious than the Saint-Laurent by Zara items. Did you buy one? Or is it too hot for your location?

    1. I have no use for it, I haven't needed a "winter" coat in years. Plus, I know I would get tired of the hooks.


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