Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Prada FW 2013

Prada FW 2013
I usually write Prada off as being too whimsical and quirky for my taste, but this season Prada captured me. Often when I look any type of fashion image, the ones that I find most appealing tend to have a specific story to tell. The kind that make me curious: who is she? Where is she going? What has she done? I remember reading about Carine Roitfeld styling in a similar fashion. Incognito and mysterious...luggage in hand, sunglasses on a darkened runway, fur coats disguising glittering dresses, sequins on otherwise drab fabrics, damp hair in haste and lug-soles made for walking...who is Prada's undone femme fetale? And perhaps more importantly who is she leaving behind?

Ph: Marcus Tondo (GoRunway)

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