Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Purchases Recap

2013 clothing
  1. Brooks navy with white tipped sweater (March)
  2. Asos black midi dress (July)
  3. Boohoo black maxi dress (July)
  4. Rick Owens black coat (July)
  5. Margiela black caftan (July)
  6. F21 black white stripe top (August)
  7. F21 grey pjs (August)
  8. Brooks black white striped cardigan (September)
  9. Brooks black merino short sleeve shell (September)
  10. H&M black blouse (October)
  11. H&M black leggings (October)
  12. Brooks navy/white striped top (November)
  13. Papercrown black faux leather pants (December)

2013 Accessories

  1. Louis Vuitton black Noctambule bag (April)
  2. Baccarat ruby/onyx tango ring (April)
  3. Dior Japanese Knot Samourai Bag (May)
  4. black camellia jelly sandals (July)
  5. Kenneth Cole Our Vision cutout wedge (July)
  6. Kenneth Cole Diamond Back snake wedge (July)
  7. Pucci silk scarf (July)
  8. black ninja scarf (July)
  9. pearl earrings replacement (July)
  10. F21 repossi rings (August)
  11. Brooks black double wrap belt (September)
  12. Baccarat Louxor Ring (November)

**some items pictured are similar to my purchases**


  1. I deeply admire the consistency of line, of color, of attitude. AND the true mixture of high and low. That Samourai bag makes me weak in the knees EVERY time you show it. It's real perfection.

    1. I remember the days when I bought the most nonsensical stuff, that I had a closet full of nothing to wear. Now that I'm older and wiser, I stick to a specific color palette and silhouettes I know work on me. I put the thought in before I buy, so that I can pull blind and go. The Samourai bag is even more breath-taking in person, never would I have took 2 months for her to get to me, it's nothing short of a miracle.

  2. that margiela black kaftan is perfection and I also love your vuitton unique. I would say your wardrobe is complete! all excellent choices :)

    1. Vuitton used to do such beautiful and unique bags in epi...all since discontinued (even in the speedy!). I like the monogram and damiers on other people, but I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying something so recognizable. I like how epi flies under the radar and if they do stand out it's because of it's design, not because of the brand.

  3. The rings and bags are divine. Excellent choices all around.


  4. When are we going to see an outfit post featuring your RO coat? Or did I miss it..

  5. That Rick Owens coat is absolutely stunning. It's so simple, yet distinctive, yet classic. Worth whatever you paid for it!

    1. thanks, I get compliments whenever I wear it. I think RO's "Gres"-esque pieces transcend time. Even better that I got it for such a fantastic deal.

  6. Gorgeous! This collection is so interesting to see. Makes me evaluate what I purchased last year and how consistent (or inconsistent) my choices would look grouped together like this. I especially appreciate your accessories. I'm at a point now where I have enough clothes and should focus on gathering accessories to bring my look together.

    Also, I am very pleasantly surprised to be your blog of the moment! I've long been a reader, but too shy to comment.


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