Friday, January 3, 2014

End of Year 2013 Style Resolutions Recap

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan Summer 1978
With the last of my December purchases finalized, it’s time to reflect on my style resolutions of 2013.
Also for those that noticed, I hope you enjoyed the Bourdin/Jourdan photos accompanying these posts.

  • Buy Less and Spend Less on Clothing
Overall, I spent less money on fashion purchases (including clothing and accessories) than in the last four years. I thoroughly enjoyed creating fresh combinations with the pieces already in my wardrobe. Looking back on prior years, I was quite chic in my Target pants and F21 skirt, which I still wear years later versus some avant-garde designer outfits that make me cringe. I purchased 13 pieces of clothing this year, only three of which exceeded the $100 mark: a Rick Owens coat that I wear constantly, a Margiela caftan that I love, and a pair of black (faux) leather leggings that fit perfectly.

  • Focus on Jewelry Instead
I’ve successfully saved up for my major jewelry piece, which I will purchase in the new year to acknowledge all the personal, professional, and academic challenges and accomplishments of the year. I cashed in on my ebay bucks to replace my simple pearl studs. Additional jewelry purchases include Baccarat Tango, Baccarat Louxor, and F21 “Repossi” rings that I love so much.

  • Shop For and Maintain a Wardrobe that is Suitable for Me
I stuck to purchasing clothing that was practical, classic, and comfortable to take me from the tedious early mornings through the grueling late nights of the year. The only statement piece amongst the sea of basic black, navy, and one solitary pair of grey pajama pants is my black Margiela caftan. The Rick Owens coat and black leather pants may seem in-your-face on paper, but in reality have a subtle and minimalist design that let them fly under the radar. My accessories on the other hand were a different story—the loudest of all were the Samourai’s snakes, which I disguised behind scarves to avoid controversy. While I largely added useful items, it is questionable why I continue to buy heels that I rarely wear.

Knowing what not to buy or keep was also an essential part of maintaining a suitable wardrobe. I know not to settle for almosts. I was quick to return things that didn’t work out. If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. Also I’ve honed my eye to recognize what I will tire of—even if it looked good in the moment (Prada Baroques, Louis Vuitton Alma, Jack Rogers flats). I removed pieces from my wardrobe that I no longer desire.

While I did visit the cobbler and dry cleaner, I could improve on wardrobe care and maintenance. I completed some shoe mends (including rebuilding the disintegrating heel of my ever faithful navy flats), but there’s more to go. I did some minor alterations (removing shoulder pads from my YSL jacket and raising the neckline on a tank), but I still have hems and loose stitches that need fixing. Dry-cleaning can be such a gamble, but I also shouldn’t risk home washing my jackets again.


How did you do on your 2013 style resolutions?

ph: Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan (1978) via Michael Hoppen Gallery


  1. Good going! I can relate to some of these wardrobe challenges (I just took the plunge and washed a stack of jackets that hadn't made it to the dry cleaners - oops). I aspire to your pared down shopping strategy - I've done reasonably well this last 6mths or so but still room for improvement. BTW I've yet to see a single cringe worthy outfit on you!

    1. hopefully the jackets survived! the cringe-inducing outfits, i either don't post or delete them if i did ;P

  2. its very admirable the way you think about clothes and what is necessary for your wardrobe.....I am taking notes from you! wishing you a happy and stylish 2014! :)

  3. Dry cleaning is a gamble, I agree, but sometimes a necessity.
    And if it doesn't fit, I forget about it.
    Now about that amazing RO coat… Outfit post, please. ;)

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. I am so happy a lot of people are doing this shopping tracking thing…I need the motivation! It has been a challenge when the sales are so good lately. Do you use any program or application to tally your expense? My goal is 33 items for 2014 and I hope I can be as focused as you are! Thanks!


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