Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fashion Resolutions 2014

 8.4 gorey
Based on the Fashion Resolutions 2014 thread on tpf inspired by Into the Mind, here's a reflection of my shopping behavior of 2013, and my resolutions for 2014. The picture above was taken at an Edward Gorey exhibit over a year ago, how time flies!

one: Write a short review of your style and the progress you made in 2013. How did your style, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences evolve?

I was a lot busier this year, so I let my accessories make the statements while I stuck to tried and true classic silhouettes. I love that it takes me seconds to get dressed. Looking back on past years, I was better dressed in my F21 skirt than some cringe-worthy avant-garde designer outfits. Also, I realized for what I spend on fashion purchases per year, I could buy a Cartier or Bulgari ring with money left over. In 2013, I successfully spent less on total fashion purchases than the past 4 years and saved up for my ring, which I will acquire this month to celebrate all the hard work that went into 2013.

two: Write about your style and wardrobe plans for 2014. Which aspects about your style and your wardrobe do you want to improve, why and how?

I don’t need to improve my style. How I dress is how I want to dress. I have clothes that are appropriate for my lifestyle, and clothes to get me through my gross days. However, I do need to improve on care and maintenance.

three: Express your five most important goals for 2014

1. Continue to spend less money on fashion purchases (Not including fine jewelry).
I would rather spend the money on experiences or keep it in the bank. Also last year, I was pleasantly surprised by H&M (now conveniently located) which carries appealing styles in sizes that actually fit me.

2. Improve Care & Maintenance
Be better about taking shoes to the cobbler and completing alterations. Dry-cleaning is such a gamble, but I shouldn’t risk home washing my jackets again. Use preventative measures to delay trips to the dreaded dry-cleaners. And use a new dry-cleaner.

3. One in, one out for heels.
It’s questionable why I keep buying heels when I rarely wear the ones I have.

4. Continue to shop for and maintain a wardrobe suitable for my real life.
Practical, multi-purpose pieces trump “one-trick ponies.” Don’t settle for almosts. Be quick to return things that don’t work out. Remove pieces as needed.

5. Shop Like A Tourist (At Home)
Although there are better deals online, I tend to appreciate the things I buy in person more. Also by shopping in-store I’m supporting my local economy.


What are your reflections and resolutions?


  1. Oh! Many congratulations for achieving the fine jewelry goal. I wait for the reveal!

    These questions are fabulous; I'll be looking over at that blog. It's great that F21 and H&M are so good for you. Do you really find the quality stands up across the year? I definitely have H&M pieces that do (cotton tanks and a cotton summer shirt), but it's been rare for me. Still, maybe it's worth another look since it's so close by . . . .

    1. depends. some things are fine for the price, others I've had for years. But you have to dig for the good stuff. Go to F21 on a Monday morning (when all the "kids" are still in school!)

  2. With you on 1-4 - very good advice I need to take heed of myself. Though happy to say the jackets survived the wash!

  3. I look up to your restrained shopping habit and it's also my main resolution to cool off with fashion purchases whether it's designer or fast-fashion. Congratulations on achieving your ring goal.

  4. Great style examination and resolutions! I'm inspired by how you managed to save for the ring... looking forward to seeing what you've selected.

  5. Gosh, I am so impressed - can't wait to see the well-earned ring! I'm going to see how long I can last this year without buying any new clothing of any sort. If I do buy something then I shall give another item away.

  6. Many congratulations for your ring!!! Your resolutions sound very reasonable and well thought out. I also want to improve on shopping for my real life and not imaginary events etc, and I completely agree with supporting local economy - for the past year I have been trying to keep my shopping local and resort online when there is no alternative.

  7. I love your resolutions- and your confidence about your style is also admirable.

  8. Number 4 is key to me. Buying and dressing for the realities of your everyday life results in a more natural and alluring style...otherwise it can end up looking like costume! I didn't really buy that many clothes last year, nor do I plan on buying that much this year. It's about finding the pieces that I absolutely love, and not settling for less. Takes time, but it is more fulfilling in the long run (plus I love the thrill of the hunt and research - I am perfectly happy finding clothes for other people as I am finding something for myself!).


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