Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oct - Dec 2013 Outfit Recap

The final outfit recap of 2013. This time I underlined 2013 purchases. Oct-Dec 2013 Outfits
J.Lindeberg shirt; Brooks Bros belt; BCBG skirt; J. Crew shoes
Zara shirt; Used Fr jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes; Furla bag
H&M blouse; Kenneth Cole belt; F21 skirt; Dior bag; 9W shoes

Oct-Dec 2013 Outfits
Black Fleece navy blazer; Gap skirt; Furla bag
Kenneth Cole jacket; Gap tee; Brooks Bros shirt; Dior Homme jeans; Boutique 9 boots
Asos dress; Dior Homme vest; Brooks Bros scarf; cheapo ebay shoes

Oct-Dec 2013 3
Brooks Bros cardigan, top; Mango pants; Sebago shoes
Chanel jacket; F21 top; Zara pants; cheapo ebay shoes 

Chanel sunglasses; Brooks Bros cardigan; J.Lindeberg shirt; F21 jeans; Vuitton bag; cheapo ebay shoes


  1. The skirt-belt combos in the top row are amazing! Two perfect looks.

  2. I'd never had guessed that edgy belt was Brooks Brothers! First outfit is my favorite but as usual, they're all winners. :)

  3. you wear clothes beautifully, and it's wonderful how you are able to pull off so many different looks and yet have a very clear style. i am also loving the top two skirt combos, especially. really there are so many classic elements but the way you are pulling things together looks almost futuristic-classic, well done!

    1. Thank you. My trick is knowing the silhouettes that flatter me, even if the genres are different.


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