Saturday, February 1, 2014

Worth it vs. Not worth it

Purple Tassels
Coach Nadia tasseled driving shoes / YSL SS 2005 tasseled pumps

Worth it: Flats I wear
Not worth it: Heels I rarely/don't


  1. I have a lot of shoes which are technically not worth it but I just had to have them. And they always seem to cost more than the shoes which I get the most wear out of. I have boots which only come out at Christmas, I have shoes which get worn twice a year but I bought them because they called to me and they made me happy to just look at them and possess them. Having said that, I also have shoes which I spent a lot of and got rid of purely because they didn't fulfil their purpose i.e. Belstaff boots which I really really wanted and wore about 3 times in 5 years before I got rid because they were actually too high and too uncomfortable. They were a literal financial ouch.

  2. I am the same...although I recently bought my first 4" heels in years...mostly I've been buying flats to 2.5" heels.

  3. So true - but sometimes I come across shoes that I want just for their beauty! That's not to say I actually purchase them, though.

  4. I rarely have a case of not worth it footwear now compared to a few years ago when I still hung on the idea that higher than 2.75 inch could work for me on a daily basis.


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