Monday, February 3, 2014

Worth it vs. Not worth it

Worth It
Wardrobe Worth Its

Worth it:
Flats I wear
Rick Owens coat (versatile and a life saver), Black Fleece navy riding jacket, Dior Homme medium blue jeans, LD Tuttle Shaper boots, Louis Vuitton Noctambule bag, Margiela/H&M narrow shoulder jacket, Missoni/Target sweater coat
Silk scarves
Holding out to buy the right thing once
Having pants re-cut to the silhouette that flatters me
Having a good tailor/seamstress
Merino wool
Tailored, well-made outerwear/jackets
Good pair(s) of jeans
Furla crocodile (embossed) bags
Kenneth Cole New York shoes
Designer sunglasses (this is my own personal indulgence. Living in the tropics the CPW is worth it to me)
Clothes I can throw on and go
Garment steamer
Brooks Bros bathrobe
Buying “luxury” goods that speak to the heart

Not Worth It:
Heels I rarely/don’t wear
Big bulky cotton scarves
Buying “Almosts” that I end up discarding a few months later
Unflattering pants that make me self-conscious
Acrylic knits and polyester tops
Cashmere sweaters (too high maintenance for me)
Designer t-shirts
Anything that has to be pulled, tucked, or worn “just so”
Clothing that needs an actual iron
Crisp long sleeve dress shirts
Zara shoes
Designer perfume (my nose is not sophisticated enough)
Buying “luxury” goods to “keep up with the Joneses”


  1. Love love your list! Cashmere is worth it to me, but I live in a cold place, if I lived in the tropics I would not bother. I got a steamer as well, how do you use yours?

    1. The only cashmere piece I've kept is a scarf from Express (mall chain store) that is 10 years old and still looks brand new. The steamer, I use to remove wrinkles often touching it up before I leave the house. I refuse to fold at home, so anything not hanging usually needs a touch-up.

  2. I must say that apart from a couple of items, our not-worth-it lists are almost identical. I can most identify with buying heels but then not wearing them. I only stopped doing this in the last year. Only took 5 years since I first made the realization...

  3. Excellent list! I have to admit I'm guilty of buying "almosts", and there are still some polyester and acrylic tops in my closet that I'm getting rid of. I don't have the money to buy designer goods, but I can still focus on getting the best quality that I can afford. On top of my worth-it list would be quality leather shoes, they are just so much more comfortable and durable than shoes made from synthetic leather.

  4. Hello! I love reading how others curate and filter their wardrobes. I think your lists are just great! The points that jump out at me are the clothes that throw on and go, “luxury” goods that speak to the heart and Zara shoes - in fact most of Zara is pretty much irrelevant to me except for an occasional gem and their kids jumpers which are really worth it, much better than the Women's. I have to say that because I'm allergic to wool, cashmere, cotton and the dreaded acrylic are necessary. I've found some easy to care for cashmere and yummy cottons (mens department) and even nice acrylic - technology has rewarded us with better versions that feel really good and wash well. I admire your style!

  5. You mean I shouldn't buy the YSL pumps I've wanted since 2009? Love the "luxury" goods to "keep up with the Joneses" - that green Kenzo tiger sweater is in that group right?

    Hmm - not worth it
    vintage dresses I buy with the expectation that I'll get them hemmed and tailored
    running shoes
    designer t-shirts
    shoes that aren't 100% leather
    handbags and purses - I have about twenty and don't even use them, I only carry a wallet.
    any colour other than black, asphalt, charcoal or grey
    sleeveless anything

    Worth it:
    well made sensible shoes - Chie Mihara's fit me like a glove and are extremely comfy (I only buy her shoes in solid black)
    clothes that fit me "off the rack"
    my handcrafted Erin Templeton "work" bag
    vintage silk t-shirts with the shoulder pads removed - I live in those.
    denim that fits and looks hot. Impossible to find
    cotton camisoles - I wear them 12 months of the year because I'm always cold

    1. I avoid buying "fixer-uppers" these days, I tend to drag my feet about having things altered. And I do not "get" the appeal of that kenzo stuff. and I hate seeing labels that had a heritage become known for this junk. But to each their own I guess.

  6. Anything from Rick Owens is always worth it. :)

  7. Nice list! I'm with you on a lot of the items, however I love ironing/despise wrinkled clothes so that's never been a bother for me :) Hm, for me:

    Worth it - flats (I walk everywhere), jackets/cardigans (I'm always cold), Striped shirts, button down shirts, black Cheap Monday skinny jeans, my Gap Kids puffer, Lilly Pulitzer girls' shift dresses (if I could buy enough they'd become my summer uniform), silk, wool, my daily bandana, headphones (that double as earmuffs in winter), an iron, cotton shorts

    Not Worth It - heels (I never wear them and never buy them), things that need to be altered (I'll never get around to it), tank tops (not sure why, but I never feel comfortable in them), expensive/designer tees, anything that doesn't look good with my Cheap Mondays (I wear them almost daily), anything that makes me feel self-conscious

    1. Living in LP town, I've seen the dresses in 2ndhand shops for nothing.

  8. Worth it:
    Polarized sunglasses, a structured jacket with pockets, Lanvin ballerinas, J Brand Jeans, silk scarves and sturdy black bags.

    Not Worth it:
    Anything I have to justify as a "good deal" just because it's on sale.

  9. i am so with you on the trap of the 'almosts'. worth it: my Karen Walker sunnies, IM boots, acne scarf // not worth it: overpriced workout clothes

  10. The Noctambule bag is quote the statement accessory. Off the top of my head, Zara shoes and designer t-shirts are certainly not worth it, and the best bags and shoes you can buy, silk scarves, well tailored jacket and coat and a perfect pair of jeans are definitely worth it.


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