Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jan - Mar 2014 Outfit Recap

A selection of outfits worn from January through March. Underlined items were purchased/altered this year. Wearing my usual mish-mosh of horrors: the original with the inspired, good jewelry with junk jewelry, Rick and Rick-alike, and Thom Browne my way.
Jan-Mar 2014 1
UO scarf; H&M sweater; Boohoo dress; Banana Republic ring, shoes
Zara scarf; Asos dress; LD Tuttle boots; F21 jewelry
H&M sweater; Riller & Fount tank; Zara scarf; BCBG skirt; Baccarat ring; Dior bag

Jan-Mar 2014 2a
All Saints sweater; AX shirt; Paper Crown pants; J.Crew shoes
Brooks Bros trench; Express scarf (10 years old!); F21 jeans; BR shoes; Baccarat ring
Margiela/H&M jacket; Norma Kamali/WM tee; Baccarat ring; Zara pants; YSL (Ford) shoes

Jan-Mar 2014 3
Rick Owens hoodie; Asos dress; Baccarat jewelry; LDT boots
Universal!!: All Saints sweater; Splendid tank; Target pants; Kenneth Cole bag; 9W sandals
Chanel sunglasses and hair!! ;P; Rick Owens coat; Paper Crown pants; Dior bag; YSL (Ford) shoes

Jan-Mar 2014 4
Brooks Bros cardigan; Victoria's Secret top; Dior Homme jeans; Baccarat ring; cheapo ebay shoes
YSL (Ford) velvet jacket; +J/Uniqlo sweater; Paper Crown pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Chanel jacket; Gap tee; F21 skirt, bag; Baccarat ring; cheapo ebay shoes

Jan-Mar 2014 5
Brooks cardigan; Old Navy tee; F21 bracelet; Black Fleece pants (altered), Kenneth Cole shoes
Pucci scarf; Brooks cardigan; Zara pants; Coach shoes
Black Fleece jacket; Express scarf; J.Lindeberg vest; Zara pants; Del Toro slippers

Jan-Mar 2014 6
Banana Republic linen tunic; Brooks Bros top; Salt Works jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes; Furla bag
Brooks cardigan; Gap tee; Pucci scarf; Mango pants (before alteration); YSL (Pilati) shoes
Zara blazer; Gap tee; thrifted belt; Earl jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes; Baccarat & Bulgari rings


  1. You look great. Your style is so distinctive.

  2. "mish mash of horrors" LOL - if only I could make mish mash and horror look so slick and chic! I love the pic with the shark!
    Great masculine looks - always love the way you work a jacket, cardigan and trousers.

    1. nice to see some of the old relics from the since retired rides of jaws, back to the future, and hitchcock are still @ universal.

  3. That YSL velvet jacket! so good.

  4. such style you have that bcbg skirt looks fab on looks more issey miyake to me with those pleats!

    1. I go through phases with my clothes, at one point I wore my issey skirt as much as possible, now very rarely.

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for linking me as the "site of the moment"! I am very flattered :)
    And the comment you left about the Birkin straw bag is very accurate.
    Love that long pleated skirt look.
    Bises de Paris,

  6. omg, so glad to have stumbled on your blog again! I was a regular a few years ago, but I lost track of your blog name. Two years later, and 50 Google "Search by Image" trials later, I'm back and so glad you're still blogging! I love how you tailor your pants, it's one of my 2014 resolutions to find a tailor who can do the same.

  7. LOTS of goodies here.. I always enjoy your recaps. I can't pick a favorite so I won't try; but the Margiela H&M jacket shoulders are particularly stunning!

    1. and usually I can't do novelty shoulders, but surprisingly this works well on me. and my black blazers area largely retired, but I when I do wear one, it's the margiela.

  8. 'Mish-Mosh of Horrors' whatever! You have gorgeous style. Our nearest All Saints is in Seattle - a two hour drive (and a three hour border wait the last time we went). I like their trousers. Even the men's ones have a great cut.

  9. So how do you like your LD Tuttle boots after awhile?

    1. Living in the tropics, I have a limited time frame of when I get to wear them. But so far so good.


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