Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Style Resolutions 2014: 1st Quarter Update

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 1992 in Visionare (1992)
ph: Ann Demeulemeester Fall 1992: Bill Cunningham/Edward Gorey for Visionare (1992)

With the first quarter of the year already passed, here's the update of how I'm doing on my 2014 style resolutions:
1. Continue to spend less money on fashion purchases (Not including fine jewelry).
With the Bulgari ring out of the way, my fashion purchases are within an acceptable range. I had enjoyable experiences, including a much needed vacation to Universal Studios/Orlando. I spent way less than planned in Orlando after striking out at All Saints and Zara.

2. Improve Care & Maintenance
Considering what I DIDN’T spend in Orlando, I had little excuse for NOT going to the cobbler and tailor. I had 3 pairs of shoes fixed and 2 pairs of pants altered. I fixed the loose stitching on a tank top—wanting to wear it to Universal was the push I needed.

I found a new dry cleaner, reasonable prices and actually friendly. Also, I purchased sweat guards for my jackets/coats—not glamorous, but hey I live in the tropics.

3. One in, one out for heels.
One pair of original Tai-Tais in, one pair of inspired Tai-Tais out (in progress).
However, I wouldn't be surprised if I break this resolution. Heels are sneaky little temptations that defy all logic. Haha.
4. Continue to shop for and maintain a wardrobe suitable for my real life.
I altered my Black Fleece suit pants to be flat-friendly for work. (The reality is I rarely wear heels to work, because the insoles of my heels are flattened-essentially ruined--after one day.) That suit is a heavy wool flannel, which already has limited wear-ability living in the tropics, and it cost me too darn much money to further sit in my closet due to fit issues--especially when it was purchased specifically to be worn to work. (I've since stopped buying "fashion suiting"). Since alterations, I've already worn them three times versus my previous three times a year if that!

Purchase-wise I added 2 work appropriate black sweaters, stylish (and comfortable!) purple driving shoes, and some basics from Gap Body. I couldn't justify keeping that fabulous Peter Pilotto/Target beach tote; unfortunately it was too massive to use as a day bag--and I already have more luggage than I have occasion to use.
5. Shop Like A Tourist (At Home)
Seven out of ten of my fashion purchases were made in store and I supported small, local businesses including my tailor and cobbler. I had to dispute 2 online transactions from 2 different UK based niche retailers--thankfully quick and easy to resolve.

How are your style resolutions going so far?


  1. I applaud you! How time has flown by! I completely agree with you about making alterations - I had a frenzy of shortening several pairs of pants and now have so many to choose from! Next will be some tweaking of my dresses which will be worth it because recently I've failed to find any decent dresses at all showing me that what I already have is perfectly good. The other thing I'm pleased about is reducing my purchases of clothes down to a trickle but like you my weakness are shoes and I can't pass up a beautiful scarf or vintage jewel sadly.

    1. I like how alterations feel like getting something new, but without amassing more stuff. My true weaknesses are bags and jewelry. I really have to LOVE a shoe to get, which is why my shoes are the same if not similar but in different colors.

  2. It seems you're doing a good job so far! I don't make resolutions but will say that I've been spending less on clothing this year (thus far), more on other acquisitions such as jewelry, beauty, shoes..


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