Saturday, May 31, 2014

Work Wear 2

navy & burgundy burgundy & brocade shiny suit shine more nautical more nautical simple pucci simple chic chambray classic & crazy nautical white linen pants pink and pinstripes black fleece comfortable eclipse simple work boss lady nautical pucci purple double buckle chanel chanel & stripes lbd lbd brocade b&w old faithful tuxedo
Another polyvore version of my work wear. I wear the same things repeatedly, but surprisingly I'm still able to come up with new combinations. I either dress in BLACK or nautical. It certainly makes life easier when everything is interchangeable. I don't like thinking about what to wear to work, and honestly I don't have the time! I like to look tailored and put-together, while being comfortable and practical. I turn to accessories to keep it interesting. But usually I'm in some variation of cardigan, tee, and pants.


  1. I love the cream Chanel-y jacket! I'd love to get a similar one.
    It's always great to renew inspiration for work wear. My only "fear" is that morning when nothing goes, I feel dull no matter what I put on, happens...Then all hell breaks loose. That's why it's so important (to me at least) to be able to rely on a couple of items: COS slim black pants and tunic sweater have been my saviours lately.

  2. Hi,
    I love the double breasted navy blazer. Who is it by?


  3. Proof that work-practical can be very elegant, chic and timeless.

  4. This is a wonderful way of visualizing your closet and the combinations you could possibly make. Excellent layout! I'd like to try something similar with mine.

  5. Thank you -Really helpful post- excellent. I am also a fun of simple limited palette working clothes.

  6. That pretty much describes my mornings - don't have time to think, I just grab and wear. Thankfully my wardrobe is so tightly edited that almost everything works together regardless. I actually thought a few weeks ago that if I find a black t-shirt for a decent price that fits just right, I'll probably buy five or six. I don't even own five t-shirts, but I like the idea of uniform, and if something works, I might as well buy multiple copies - I wear them to the ground!

    Holding a giveaway for some of my favourite books if you should so happen to be interested :)


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