Friday, June 27, 2014

Reading Round Up

Type Writer
ph: Lacey - Vogue Japan - September 2013 (via CoF)

As I look forward to Feather Factor's Weekend Update posts on Fridays, here's my own little round up of interesting reads:

Guilty of black, sunglasses, and wet hair.

The author of Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style's insights into Cary Grant's style overall and criticism of  "bloated slobs with yellow toenails."

Tomas Maier of his eponymous label and Bottega Veneta
"Functionality plays a key role, because nothing means anything if it doesn’t work. For any product. Nothing at all." -Tomas Maier

I watched Blue Jasmine last weekend and I kept thinking about it days later. Despite the signature neurotic character, I forgot I was watching a Woody Allen movie--Cate Blanchett (as usual) is just that good. For more of Cate Blanchett's wardrobe in Blue Jasmine, Feather Factor has an excellent recap too.

As always anything by Sisters in Black Flocks.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Found myself reading the entire Torregrossa itw and his point of view on style is uplifting and inspiring!
    I'm also longing for more grace and understatement, it's part of my goals and everyday urban life makes it a struggle so I'm always glad to "encounter" people sharing the same values.

  2. Great round up I also enjoyed blue jasmin. Cate is nothing short of brilliant! Will check out feather factors blog. Thank you! I am all about functionality too. I detest things that don't work well.

  3. I must check out your list of interesting reads.. Wish I had more time for reading lately..
    "Black, sunglasses and wet hair", haha! Yes, guilty here, too. :)

  4. love this photo and thank you so much for including us in your list.....such an honor from you as you are our third sister in black! p.s. must check out that olsen book, sounds noir chic! :)

  5. I liked your list and thank you for including me in it! The title looked familiar, 'Hanging by a Thread'...and then I realized, oh yeah, I wrote that! Ha. Sometimes I forget. I love FF's weekly roundup of reads too. Glad you are doing something similar.


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