Tuesday, July 1, 2014

April - June 2014 Outfit Recap

Whatever is underlined was purchased this year. Not much! Somehow I'm still able to make fresh combinations with old clothes. Sometimes I wear things that were fabulous in front of the mirror but "too much" on campus. Oh well, one day I'll learn.

Apr-Jun 1
Target tee; Earl jeans; YSL Mombasa bag; Kenneth Cole shoes
J.Lindeberg henley; Earl jeans; 9W sandals
BR tee; Brooks Bros sweater vest; Mango pants; Sebago shoes; vtg bag

Apr-Jun 2
Margiela caftan; R&F tank; Mango pants; J.Crew shoes; Baccarat ring; F21 bag
Black Fleece shirt dress; vtg necklace; Brooks Bros top; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Theory navy blazer; vtg Paloma Picasso necklace; Bvlgari ring; Brooks Bros top; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes

Apr-Jun 3
J.Lindeberg shirt; Gap tee; vtg Paloma Picasso necklace; Baccarat ring; Issey Miyake skirt; 9W shoes (Inspired by this)
Brooks Bros cardigan; Black Fleece shirt dress; Express pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Zara jacket, pants; Proenza/Target tee; Lollipops bag; Michael Kors shoes

Apr-Jun 4
Target tee; F21 dress; YSL Mombasa bag; Kenneth Cole shoes; Baccarat ring
Target tee; BCBG skirt; F21 bracelets; cheapo rubber shoes
Gap sweater; R&F tank; Brooks Bros belt; Theyskens' Theory skirt; Lupo bag

Apr-Jun 5
Club Monaco sweater; Brooks Bros shirt; Zara pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; Furla bag; Black Fleece keychain
Brooks Bros cardigan; J.Lindeberg shirt; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
AX shirt; vtg revolver cufflinks; Salt Works jeans; YSL shoes; Baccarat ring; F21 bag

Apr-Jun 6
Brooks Bros cardigan; Kingsley tee; Earnest Sewn jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes
RL Polo jacket; Zara tee; F21 jeans; Sebago shoes
Margiela/H&M jacket; Target tee; Brooks Bros belt; Zara pants; Furla bag; Kenneth Cole shoes
Brooks Bros trench; Asos dress, belt; Baccarat ring; boots via ebay  :/ inappropriately over the top


  1. I really like the long-skirted looks; the BCBG gray pleated skirt + black Target tee is my favorite. Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Great styling! I love that theysken' theory skirt and your inappropriately OTT boots!

  3. You look exquisite! Oozing style and admirable colour palette.

    1. thank you Shutterbug K, Veshoevius (I'm lucky if I get to wear my TT skirt once a year, but I love when I do!), and Lady Sarah.

  4. I'm a sucker for belted looks. Consistently well styled!

  5. Your blog is completely mesmerizing-- I've been unable to pull myself away for an hour now. I finally managed to extract myself to go look for that Brooks Brothers belt with the two buckles. Alas, too late!

    I should look in that store more often. My dissertation advisor had a cashmere and mink blend Brooks Brothers stole that he bought in the women's section and wore with a leather jacket in the winters. Cashmere with mink hairs woven into it-- talk about gilding the lily.

  6. thank you! :)
    that stole sounds exquisitely decadent.


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