Sunday, August 3, 2014

Style Resolutions 2014: Half Year Update

Geoffrey Beane  Fall 1992 in Visionare (1992)
ph: Geoffrey Beane Fall 1992: Bill Cunningham/Edward Gorey for Visionare (1992); full image here

1)      Continue to spend less money on fashion purchases (Not including fine jewelry).
I used gift cards to my advantage to score some basic tanks and my LeSportsac for cheap as chips. I received a new wallet for my work anniversary. From April to July, only 2 items were over $100: another infamous Black Fleece shirt dress and a wholly grail item; everything else was under $32. The July sales are so tempting, but I can’t have it all. Also, I’m ready to make another fine jewelry purchase yet I can’t seem to stop buying junk jewelry haha!

2)      Improve Care & Maintenance
I have shoes that need heel repairs. New pants that I deem worthy of alterations. Minor non-urgent clothing fixes I have yet to complete. A watch bezel to replace. I dared to wash my Chanel jacket, but this is the last time, as it’s affecting the lining. Also I may look into restoring my precious baby Sami…:/ On the upside, the delicate wool cycle is more time and water efficient than individually hand washing my sweaters. Plus, I found better guards to save my Drkshdw hoodie from constant laundering.

3)      One in, one out for heels.
I added a pair of wholly grail heels, but I do plan to throw out a pair of boots. That said, this is still likely to be broken as I may succumb to a very alluring pair of low heels (never say never!).

4)      Continue to shop for and maintain a wardrobe suitable for my real life.
I did pull some extraneous tops from my wardrobe and gave a necklace to a co-worker. I downgraded a pair of leggings to those rare occasions I’m inspired to do yoga. I was quick to return things that weren’t right or not needed. The July sales and ebay are so tempting, but I can’t have it all (at once)! I have to prioritize by what I really want/need and what I will get the most use out of.

Overall, I’m happy with my additions, except for the Kuwaiti scarves (basically a balaclava with a rectangular scarf attached to one side) that fell short of my expectations. Though this is likely more to do with the poor construction of the ones I purchased than the idea itself. This was an inexpensive purchase so no big deal.

5)      Shop Like A Tourist (At Home)
From April-July, 5 out of 13 purchases were online, which means the majority of my purchases were in-store. I had luck at the outlets and found some good work basics: khaki pants that fit perfectly, long navy sweater, and versatile pearl necklace. I’m undecided whether my next major jewelry purchase will be made online or in-store.


  1. I always look forward to your posts - they are so motivating! I think I am going to go pull a few items out of my closet right now, and see if I can't streamline a little... after this cup of coffee... in a few more minutes...

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your process with the rest of us!

    (And apologies if this is a repost of a comment I made a few minutes ago - I tried to 'preview' and it vanished)

  2. yes to all of these excellent style mottos!

  3. All your resolutions are no-nonsense and to live by. As much as I love fashion, the question of spending "too much" on clothes is always at stake, so categorizing what's a priority and the amount I'm willing and able to put in any fashion related purchases is paramount.
    I remember reading an article about washing luxury - supposedly dry-cleaning only- items and like you tried it on with Isabel Marant pants that to my deep regrets shrank to the extent that I couldn't wear them properly anymore. Suffice to say that I'm now far less "adventurous" with care instructions.

  4. Always admire your deliberate and calculated shopping philosophy! I've bought only...five? items this year (this does not include footwear) and except for one, they were all acquired in winter. I've been focusing on other things lately besides adding to my wardrobe. Even with all the great summer sales, I simply didn't feel the desire to "add". I'm sure that will change will autumn around the corner!

    1. I'm fairly disciplined, but I do miss having room for spontaneous purchases—sometimes I use those more than the pieces I stalked online for months. Can’t say I’ll ever be as minimalist as 5 pieces for 7 months, sometimes I add 5 things a month!!!

  5. Usually I'm the same way. Buying five pieces in seven months was certainly not planned, it's just that I've been otherwise engaged and haven't had a shopping urge. Part of the reason is there are too many choices I run across and that always stumps me. I can't have too many options or I become disabled in decision-making!


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