Sunday, October 5, 2014

Closet Confidential

I saw this on The Nife en L'Air (also see Maja Huse's version). So here's my story behind some of the pieces in my closet:

What is the oldest item in your closet?
RL Polo Jeans denim jacket. 
Must be about 14 years old, still looks brand new. Other than that I have old things that are “new” to me.
new bling

What is the newest item?
Purchased last week: Brooks Bros half-zip sweater, All Saints cardigan, and Banana Republic slouchy pants.
Octobers ptag

What is the most expensive item?
Cartier Black Trinity Ring
CTrin2 ptag 

What is the cheapest item?
Not counting gifts of course: Old Navy tanks @ 22 cents a piece. 
ON tanks ptag

What was the biggest bargain?
I’m pretty proud of my LeSportsac that I got for $15 and change. 
LeSportsac Medium Travel Tote

What was the biggest waste of money?
I’d like to think I’ve gotten rid of the worst offenders.
One was this Issey Miyake scarf. Too massive and cumbersome to wear.

Bonus: What are your favourite items?
It’s hard to pick favorites! But when I go on trips I rely on my tried and true pieces, the stuff I can run around all day in
and feel both comfortable and stylish. Here I am at Universal Studios in my trusty All Saints cardigan and Kenneth Cole bag.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you do your own. :)
And a belated Eid Mubarak!


  1. $15 for that size LeSportsac (and all black too) is epic bargain hunting skills. Also where in sam heck did you get ON tanks for $0.22 a pop?

    Too bad Issey Miyake scarf was a dud, texture and structure looks amazing.

    Universal Studios LA or Florida? :)

    1. the LeSportsac & ON deals were a mixture of sales + gift cards.
      Universal FL! the real deal!!! The 2nd Harry Potter park wasn't open yet, that said, I really don't have a big desire to see it.

  2. How do you look so pulled together at Universal Studios??

    I wish I was more diligent about getting rid of things I have no use for and could probably find a buyer for.

    1. I'm better dressed at theme parks than I am in my day to day, go figure! lol.

  3. You're like the first blogger I know to have Cartier. I quite like this series going around.

    1. I suspect Cartier struck some kind of deal with some blogs to promote their latest "amulette" line. Bvlgari likely did this @ one point too, but at least it was to promote the Save the Children charity edition of their BZero.

      But anyway, I'm a long time admirer of Cartier's designs, since they use some of my favorite motifs such as the orient, ART DECO, crocodiles, panthers, and "monica bellucci." And they have collaborated with my other red box favorite: Baccarat in designing perfume bottles, display cases, etc...

  4. 22 CENTS? that's crazy. I'm with you on old denim jackets. Mine is definitely one of my oldest (still regularly worn) pieces too!

  5. Even your 'mistakes' look good. The issey outfit is pretty grand.

  6. May I ask about the diamanté necklace in the first photo? Love it.

    1. sure. it was from a (now closed) local vintage store.

  7. Great post! I love details and history in people's closets. I hope you enjoyed a peaceful Eid.


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