Thursday, October 2, 2014

July - Sept 2014 Outfit Recap

To be honest I've been too busy/tired to take outfit pictures, especially the last two months. Since I am so resistant to wearing my work clothes outside of work, I haven't been too happy with my "casual" especially "Friday" wardrobe lately. It feels too random, too shabby, too sloppy, too nonsensical.... Maybe I have to succumb and just throw on an abaya over jeans on Fridays, instead of trying to wear my "own clothes." There's efficiency and discretion in uniforms. And I'm grudgingly beginning to realize that my junky jewelry is just that--junky (those blingy stretch bracelets that I wear because my wrists are so tiny). And the rain is so random, that it rains everyday but you never know when or where, which makes dressing tricky too. But anyway...Whatever is underlined was acquired this year.

July - Sept 2014 Outfit Recap
RO hoodie; Express pants; LeSportsac bag; Kenneth Cole boots 
All Saints sweater; Splendid tank; Target pants; 9W sandals; Furla bag 
RO hoodie; Boohoo dress; F21 bracelets; Baccarat ring; Del Toro shoes. eh...don't like this one.

July - Sept 2014 Outfit Recap
Zara scarf, pants; Chanel sunglasses; Margiela kaftan; Baccarat ring; Vuitton bag; Kenneth Cole shoes
Zara jacket; Baccarat necklace, ring; Splendid tank; F21 skirt; cheapo camellia sandals
MMM/H&M jacket; BCBG skirt; Baccarat ring; Vuitton bag; Kenneth Cole shoes

July - Sept 2014 Outfit Recap
Zara dress; Old Navy tee; Baccarat ring;YSL bag; Kenneth Cole shoes
Leopard trench; YSL scarf; Paper Crown pants
Theory jacket; Pucci scarf; Baccarat ring; Zara pants; YSL shoes

July - Sept 2014 Outfit Recap
Proenza/Target jacket; Brooks Bros top; Earnest Sewn jean; Sebago shoes
F21 blouse; Baccarat ring; Earnest Sewn jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes
Jean Paul Gautlier jacket; ON tank; Baccarat necklace; So Good ring; Salt Works jeans; YSL shoes

July - Sept 2014 Outfit Recap
work (when I don't wear my default cardigan, tee, pants)
Chanel jacket; ON tank; Nordstrom Rack necklace; Zara pants; cheapo ebay shoes; Vuitton bag
Brooks Bros cardigan; Black Fleece dress; LD Tuttle boots
Theory blazer; Brooks Bros top; BR pants; Furla bag; Kenneth Cole shoes


  1. Could I please be as tall as you for that All Saints sweater and the BCBG gray skirt? T_T Your strongest looks are the first six; could you swap out components from that set into the casual? I like the idea of your black leather jacket with one of your long black dresses, for example.

    1. I'm not tall! I just photograph tall b/c of the way I dress. People are always disappointed when they meet me. The leather jacket I think you're referring to is actually my navy paper thin poly (wind breaker) Proenza/Target jacket, which looks like leather in pictures. I love the outfit with the AS sweater--it's my go-to "Disney" look, I need to remember to wear it in my daily life. My problem with the skirt/dresses is the hems are too long, especially since I'm forever losing weight--the BCBG skirt barely stays up! And the daily rain and having to walk up stairs (I cannot figure out how to do it!!!) is not so skirt friendly either.

  2. I love the elegance of your flowing first 6 looks, the gamine charm of your YSL purple pumps look and the layered Black Fleece dress best.
    I've been around abaya clad ladies for a very long time and all of them look incredibly elegant, I've always admired their style.

  3. Re: tall, I wasn't disappointed when I met you! I think you appear tall in your photos because, yes, of the way you dress, but also you have a narrow frame (enviable model type, actually!) which reads as tall in photos.
    As always, great outfits here, very on point.


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