Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vague Wants

vague wants

Nothing urgent and all things I can live without. Mainly about adding more “real life” no-brainier, easy to care for pieces that look neat and I can wear often.
  • Slouchy pants (non-black): Since I love my black Banana Republic drapey pants so much, I see now that they offer them in a military olive/green. A color that I was thinking about a few months ago.
  • Work pants: Could always use flat friendly and machine washable work pants. Non-ankle length and in neutral colors. Grey or beige/khaki would replace pairs that are still serviceable but I’m not crazy about the fit. I check my usual suspects H&M, Mango, Zara, etc… every now and again for these. BCBG seems to have some, but their sizing is so inconsistent and more than I want to spend anyway. I remember back in the day when I had 48595894 pairs of Express Editors, when they were my go-tos. 
  • Zara: So much long, oversized, machine washable goodness @ Zara. Waiting for sale time. 
  • White tees: both long and short sleeves for back ups and replacing ones that are pretty shabby. Target works best for me. 
  • Black jeans: my waxed ones are getting worse for wear and are too hot for the weather. I would consider just a plain black or another black wax. 
  • Black ankle boots: For those times I want to pretend like I can still survive wearing heels to work. Maybe around 3 to 3 ½ inches with a thicker heel (oh how the mighty have fallen!) I’d consider sizing up so I can wear socks and put a cushy insole in them.
Do you have any vague wants?


  1. Winter edition vague wants:
    Black Nike running shoes (Flyknit Lunarglide 6+ Beethoven WHEN are you dropping ever), a basic black turtleneck in a non-fussy fabric, and charcoal gray anything. I also vaguely want a small quilted black purse with a chain handle as a dressy bag, but I haven't found a cheap to mid-range option yet. The Rebecca Minkoff quilted purses are a bit too studded for my liking.

    I'm about to buy a charcoal gray turtleneck and a shiny party skirt, so that will probably kill off most of my wanting (let's hope.) There are days where I just want to dress like Steve Jobs and be done with it. Man had a plan and stuck to it!

  2. Glasses! I want new glasses.
    And for the past week, up until an hour ago, I vaguely wanted a plaid pencil skirt, but I just ordered a plain corduroy one instead, and more a-line, above-the-knee-length than pencil, so we will see after that arrives whether I still want a plaid pencil skirt (I suspect no). Tights and a top are on their way as well, so it's a complete outfit, sans shoes. I am realizing that I do this every season - I buy one complete outfit. If this one is it, I'm done for the Winter, which is pretty neat. Except for the glasses, of course. And maybe the shoes. ;)

  3. Argh I too used to have 23481 cheapo work pants (club monaco heavy sale were my go-tos). Actually, the CMs were pretty great. I should probably go investigate there again, but these days i just loathe wearing pants. please let us know if you find a new go-to that's also comfy! :3

  4. I've indulged in the Zara pants and they are great this season! I would love to have another woollen or cashmere midi skirt, A line shape. Beyond that I dare not think!

  5. Love those green pants! So stinkin' cute!

  6. Tab-waist slim-cut low-rise work pants (not really vague I guess, lol). I feel like they're becoming rarer. Occasionally Theory or BR will make them though, and Grifoni on sale is always a good bet. Otherwise socks that don't have a thick seam at the toe - I have a couple of pairs but I forgot what brand they are... starts with an I - and of course there's no tag on them :(

  7. I think the military green/olive trousers would be a good buy for you since your black pair gets a lot of love.
    Most of my current wants are only vague desires. In fact, this year, I have been compelled to buy only five articles of clothing plus two pairs (I think?) of footwear. Definitely a record year for me in that regard!

  8. My vague wants are an equestrian jacket, Smythe or similar, a black leather Rebecca Minkoff Love bag with a black chain, and a really nice pair of high-end, nude leather stiletto pumps. I wouldn't say no to some black slouchy pants either!

    These are vague desires because I am putting my money and my energy into dance classes and professional dance shoes.

  9. 'vague wants' = genius expression! i'm curious to see what sales pop up later this week. in the meantime, i'm just lusting after one pair of pretty killer midi boots from EF. ahhh!


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