Monday, January 26, 2015

Fashion Resolutions 2015

Donna Karan FW 2003
Donna Karan - FW 2003 - Ph: Mikael Jansson

It’s taken me awhile to gather my shopping/fashion thoughts together for 2015. I haven’t been into clothes shopping at the moment. Some of last year’s resolutions worked well for me, so I will continue those.

1) Maintain A Wardrobe Suitable For My Real Life.
Give priority to purchasing “wear now” pieces. Remove pieces as needed. Alter items to make them wearable. Don’t buy/settle for “almosts.”

2) One In, One Out For Heels
This kept me from purchasing ultimately useless heels last year.

3) Spend Less On Fashion Purchases
This includes jewelry, since I scratched 2 big ticket jewelry items off my list last year. I think it’s very do-able for me to stay on/under budget for this year.

4) Shop Like A Tourist
More in-store purchases.

5) Develop A Beauty Regimen
All the beautiful clothes in the world mean nothing if I look like a half-dead zombie. My brief foray into makeup this month has determined that aside for BB cream, it’s not for me. My beauty regimen has to match my wardrobe routine, quick and fuss-free. Any insights for hyperpigmentation/ Retinols/AHAs please share!

What are your resolutions?


  1. Excellent! I'm also into the here and now - this the most important element for me. Even for minor alterations like turning up trousers, if I don't get to it almost straight away, I return the item. This year feels like the start of really enjoying all my things with very few additions/adjustments needed. And I couldn't agree with you more about the beauty regimen. I'm so low maintenance in that department, I almost drop off the chart. I use a twice daily cleanse, tone, moisterise with Avene products that seem to suit my dry, sensitive and sun/agespot prone skin. Occasional gentle scrub post cleansing and minimal daily make up - I really mean minimal. I wear a sunscreen moisteriser everyday all year round even in UK and so far so good. Anything more than this I know I couldn't keep up and tends to clog my skin. I do hope you find the info you're looking for.

    1. You're more disciplined than me, often it's months or years before I get around to altering an item.

  2. Love the post, especially Shop like a tourist! I am also aiming for a lower budget this year. Just restocked some beauty items during the Neiman Marcus gift card event. Makeups became easy if skin is in good condition. So I try my best to take care of my skin by using a lot of facial masks. I love blacktea from Fresh, it works for balancing skin tones.

  3. ha, this post echoes my own informal 'resolutions' wardrobe-wise. i am all about good skincare routine vs cosmetics anything. the one-in/one-out rule i think also applies well to new shoe purchases in general! :)

  4. I have no doubt that you'll stick to your fashion resolutions. :) I don't have any, per se, but this year, I hope to fill some holes in my wardrobe. But I say that every year... Ha.
    Beauty queries: I've been a Retin-A user for eons. Get it! Here in the US, you'll need a prescription from your dermatologist. Buy the generic. Hyper pigmentation: Because of your skin tone, you're not a candidate for IPL (it's ONLY recommended for paler girls like me - be advised) but there's got to be something else that would work. Micropen (it renders great results, for all sorts of issues, imo) or a series of peels, perhaps... Dermatologist/medi-spa can surely sort you out. I don't know of any in your town but I can recommend one or two further south, if you're interested.

    1. I know you recommended retinols before. Thank you!

  5. I sold a few items on Vestiaire which I was very happy about and it felt good to slim down my closet. I still feel like I have too many things (not just clothes). I visited Philip Johnson's Glass House last fall and ever since then I've been trying to just get rid of stuff, whether it's magazines or clothes or kitchen appliances that I never use.

    I'm also a lot less interested in fashion these days, but knowing myself I could easily get sucked in in the blink of an eye so we'll see how long the ambivalence will last.

    In terms of skincare, I alternate between Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM serum and Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Serum. I read somewhere serums stop working if you use them for an extended period so when I run out of one I'll switch to the other.

  6. Your resolutions are spot on for me - I'm all about one in and one out, I also want to only buy what I truly love and will use, spend less on fashion/trend and stick to 30 items for 2015!


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