Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sept - Dec 2014 Outfit Recap

I'm usually too tired by the time I get home to take pictures, it's been easier to document my outfits via polyvore. Believe it or not, I have "peppy"-ier things I wear regularly that for whatever reason don't get photographed like my purple sweater or shiny black brocade pants. But as apparent from the pictures I am obsessed with my Banana Republic drapey pants and Rick Owens + Tai-Tai combo. The work outfits are when I deviate from my norm of black pants, black tee, and cardigan. I don't bother documenting it since I know what it looks like. But at times its helpful, like seeing that my BR beige pants did shrink on me! As usual, underlined items were purchased in 2014.

Sept - Dec 2014 1
F21 scarf, dress; Cartier ring; Kenneth Cole shoes
Chanel jacket; Gap tee; Zara pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; vtg bag
Zara blazer; Gap tee; BR pants; 9W shoes; Furla bag; Chanel sunglasses.  
First time wearing these heels in a long time, this height feels so silly now, plus ridiculous that I walked out of these 2357845x. Will cull! How the mighty have fallen!

Sept - Dec 2014 2
work trio: 
J.Crew blazer, shoes; F21 blouse; BR pants (shrunk!)
 YSL blazer; Target tee; Zara pants; velvet slippers.  
Vaguely considering letting go of this YSL jacket, but got a shocking amount of compliments on it this day that I'm keeping it. 
J. Crew blazer; F21 tee; Brooks Bros scarf; Cartier ring; Zara pants; el cheapo sandals

Sept - Dec 2014 3
After-Eid, so nice I post it thrice!: RO Lilies dress; Baccarat ring; H&M leggings; Kenneth Cole watch, bag; YSL shoes

Sept - Dec 2014 4
work: Theory blazer; Zara dress, boots; Furla bag
YSL jacket; Asos dress; el cheapo boots
work: MMM/H&M jacket; Asos dress; Nordstrom necklace; LD Tuttle boots

Sept - Dec 2014 5
work: Theory tuxedo; Brooks Bros sweater; BR pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
work: Rick Owens coat; vtg necklace; Brooks Bros sweater; Cartier ring; BR pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
All Saints cardigan; Splendid tank; Papercrown leggings; B9 boots
All Saints cardigan; BR pants, shoes; LeSportsac bag

Sept - Dec 2014 6
yes I wear this dress aloooot!
RO dressCartier ring; H&M leggings, YSL shoes; Dior bag
RO Lilies dress; F21 bracelets; H&M leggings; Kenneth Cole boots
Eid: RO Lilies dress; Baccarat ring; H&M leggings; Kenneth Cole watch, bag; BR shoes
Chanel sunglasses; Rick Owens hoodie, dress; Zara boots; LeSportsac bag; Baccarat ring


  1. omg, you look smashing! I see you scored that side draped RO Lilies dress. I wore my black one (the full-length version) on New Year's Eve. Because.
    Don't get rid of your YSL blazer. My two cents. :)

    1. Perfect way to ring in the New Year. I almost bought the long one too, but talked some sense into myself that I don't need 2 of the same dress, and I didn't want to have to chop the length.

  2. As always, you simply look stunning. That RO dress! I am falling into sudden, fierce lust—same with the RO jacket. I've been poking around that aesthetic (inspired by you) for a while, but seeing it in action . . . I really need to head to the boutique and try. What I appreciate the most is how often you wear your favorite pieces and it always looks fresh and on point. Happy New Year and the best wishes ever.

    1. Be warned: once you start wearing Rick Owens, you won't want to stoppppp.

  3. Life goal: be Pret A Porter P in drapey black. UGH. your asymmetric dark fabric game is on point.

    Quick q: the F21 blue scarf/black dress combo--is the dress a simple scoopneck long sleeve tee dress? also the bottom half looks visually interesting with the ruffling/gathering (I think because you knotted it at the bottom.)

    1. It's actually charcoal grey, and it's a vneck. I bought it a few years ago. I will have to replace it down the road as the fabric is dangerously thin if it stretches too much.

  4. All your outfits are amazing! The after Eid look had to be documented, it's so so good indeed!
    Your All Saints cardigan reminds me that they're quite good at doing RO inspired clothes. I thought at first glance it was a Lilies. Need to check that brand more thoroughly!

    1. I feel like in the last year or so they've branched away from the Owens/Demeulemeester look and carved out their own. BUT...their prices sometimes, that it's actually CHEAPER to buy Rick Owens!!

  5. I absolutely love your style and how often you wear everything! It amazing how interesting you make such a few colours look. The RO dress is definitely my favourite with all the YSL shoes. Happy New Year and every good wish for you and yours!

  6. What Shutterbug K said. I adore the RO Lilies + YSL shoes too! But hands-down, my favorite are the pops of blue color. It is somehow startling and unexpected. Happy New Year!

  7. That RO dress is something else. Love!!

    steph /


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