Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wardrobe Planning 2015

ph: Peter Lindbergh 
ph: Peter Lindbergh

Practicality rules.
If you’ve noticed the side bar I’m in a Love It or List It mode in downsizing my wardrobe. Even I’m surprised by what I’m deciding to let go of.

My purchases so far have been basics, replacements, or “alternatives.” I need to stop delaying buying certain finds that would integrate perfectly with my wardrobe. I have Not-Buying Remorse for a pair of super chic and flattering kitten heels from Saks’ made in Italy outlet line. Even though I talk a lot about avoiding purchasing heels, I see the utility in owning some discrete, comfortable heels for my longer trousers.

On the maintenance side, there's a never-ending list of things for when I get around to it. I have my beloved Kenneth Cole flats due for another trip to the cobbler. I’m opting to delay putting rubber soles on my new flats, since my cobbler is starting to get pretty expensive. My cobbler & dry cleaner are hard to get to on my schedule, so I’m debating whether I should gamble with finding ones closer by. I completed alterations of taking the waist in on my white linen pants and pleated black skirt and shortening the sleeves on my Brooks boy’s non-iron shirt.

On my vague list:
-short sleeve white tees
-black flats
-same flats in other colors
-black wax jeans
-plain black jeans
-white jeans (pending)
-long “indoor” black coat/cardigan
-black ankle boots
-black fuss free hijabs
-black washable parka/anorak w/ hood for rain
-cheap black/dark grey fleece sweater for home


What are your wardrobe plans?


  1. That La Perla bra is so pretty! Sad that it has to go.

    Do you have a link for the kitten heels?

    1. I have a black one I like better. The saks shoes are called "Marna". I tried them on in-store a couple of times, but since I've gone back I can't find them.

  2. Agree with commenter about the La Perla bra, it's gorgeous.
    Wardrobe plans, errrhh... I'll have to get back to you. ;) I currently have the Fear of Buying sickness, it's a terrible affliction but good for my wallet at least.

  3. Very focused! I've reduced my dry cleaning to a small batch twice or thrice a year. For the past 2 years I stopped buying dry clean only clothes. The unavoidbles are winter wools (dresses/skirts/coats) but even the coats I rotate quite frequently and the rest that get worn in the rain are strictly machine washable (I have a Gap Men navy parka with a removeable quilted lining which is just brilliant). The same with needing the services of a cobbler, it comes around very infrequently as I rotate my footwear so much.
    My main aim for 2015 is that my closet comes together better after my efforts of the last couple of years. I will continue mxing and matching as much as possible and expect to do a purge (but not replenish) in the Summer. I tend to only shop in the Winter so will have literally 2 or 3 things on the list that's all. I know some of my older coats are coming to the end of their time now and will end up being given away allowing me to update my coat collection.
    The purchases I've made from my last list (have only 2 a year) were basics too, a white shirt which is more close fitting as I already have a roomy one and statement wedge heels which will give my Spring/Summer basics a much needed boost.

    1. I admire your discipline. I often delay purges since I'm worried I'll just replenish it.

    2. Purge and replenish was exactly what happened the first couple of times but I am much more confident it will not happen next time simply because I really have got the right pieces now after much trial and error. I am hoping to have graduated to tweaking my closets from now on and replacements of staples eg some of my older well loved coats are now coming to the end of their time so I know on my A/W shopping list will be one or 2 new coats that will be a modern classic style. But I won't be waiting until then since I usually shop out of season.

    3. Silkpathdiary, kudos to you for managing to get your dry-cleaning down! I still have a handful of things that go out to the cleaners every couple of weeks. Button-down shirts mostly, because I can't seem to get the same pretty crispness laundering and ironing them, myself.

      I'm very impressed with the clarity of your goals. I like to say I have similar goals, but in reality, I don't quite have your discipline.

  4. I like that you always maintain a holistic view when it comes to individual purchases. I need to learn this. I often lost in the urge to buy an item and forgot to think how does it work with my existing wardrobe and more importantly, what is the style that suits me and does the item fit the style?

    1. I'm not immune either, that's how I end up w/ questionable heel purchases.

  5. My wardrobe plans are to have another clear out early spring. Add some more luxurious basics from hanro and workwear. Hopefully I can save enough to buy ONE amazing winter coat, in black cashmere....for winter. So yes I plan ahead. :-)

  6. Ohh i love this post - you've totally inspired me! My wardrobe planning list for the year so far - a winter coat, a new work handbag and another piece of real
    Jewelry. This year my plan is to buy as few clothes as possible. Thanks again for the inspiration!


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