Monday, April 13, 2015

HR Internship - NYC Summer 2015

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I want to reach out to all my fabulous readers regarding any suggestions for a HR Internship in NYC for Summer 2015 in the fashion/retail sector. I am graduating with my Bachelor’s in Health Administration next year. Oddly enough with the combination of interning in a HR role in the healthcare field and my management background in luxury retail, I find employee training and development one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I'm afraid I can't provide any internship suggestions - but wanted to say congrats on your academic accomplishments thus far!

  2. All the best with graduation and finding an internship!

  3. Business of Fashion always has great career profiles - maybe look through those for some inspiration or maybe even contact info? Also BoF has a jobs section I believe, just not sure if they include internships.

  4. my sibling is in the fashion design industry, I'll keep my ears open, and congrats!

  5. hi pret:
    let me know if there is anything specific to healthcare you'd like to do. i'm a health informatics manager in the city and could probably get you some rounds at a couple hospitals if you like? for HR, i've a friend who specializes in development and could talk to her as well; she works at a start up now. do let me know! email me...i've missed this blog and playing binge catch up now, lol.

  6. crap...just read it properly and saw FASHION. contact me anyway, i may have a connect for this as well...


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