Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jan - Mar 2015 Outfit Recap

Outfit recap from January through March--more accurately what I felt like/had time to photograph. Underlined items are this year's purchases.
Jan-Mar 2015
Kenneth Cole jacket, shoes; Target tee; Express scarf; Earnest Sewn jeans; LV bag
Brooks Bros sweater; Old Navy tee; Earnest Sewn jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes
Brooks Bros trench; Club Monaco turtleneck; Baccarat ring; Dior Homme jeans; Kenneth Cole boots
All Saints cardigan; Brooks Bros shell; Joe's waxed jeans; Donald Pliner flats

Jan-Mar 2015
Missoni/Target coat; Target tee; Zara pants; Kenneth Cole flats; LV bag
Theory jacket; J.Lindeberg shirt; Cartier ring; LAMB pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
H&M sweater; Brooks Bros shirt; Banana Republic pants, shoes
Dior Homme vest; Asos dress; Brooks Bros scarf; LD Tuttle boots

Jan-Mar 2015
Brooks Bros sweater; Old Navy tee; Black Fleece pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Chanel jacket; ON tee; Nordstrom Rack necklace; Black Fleece pants; Kenneth Cole flats. *Disheveled after long day...
F21 blouse; Zara pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; Bvlgari ring
Zara blazer; Pucci scarf; Bvlgari ring; 7FAM jeans; Coach shoes

Jan-Mar 2015
Rick Owens coat; Black Fleece dress; Nordstrom necklace; H&M leggings; LD Tuttle boots *Also wore this w/ my blue chambray BF dress too.
Dior Homme sleeveless coat; Asos dress; LD Tuttle boots
All Saints cardigan; Brooks Bros shell; BCBG pants; velvet slippers
BCBG suit; F21 bag; J.Crew shoes

Jan-Mar 2015
Paloma Picasso necklace; black abaya; Baccarat ring; Furla bag; 9W sandals
F21 scarf; H&M sweater; Boohoo dress; Banana Republic shoes; vtg bag
All Saints sweater; Target tee; BCBG skirt
Rick Owens coat; Zara blouse; Cartier ring; Express pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; LeSportsac bag


  1. You did well at recapping your outfits! The light where I typically shoot my shots doesn't reach peak until noon when I'm at work already. Love the All Saints asymmetrical cardi from the first set of pics and of course that lovely BCBG skirt. <3 are those outfits on days off or days at work?

  2. Oh that vintage bag is gorgeous !!

  3. Love the Zara sailor pants with that blouse and the DH sleeveless coat. I've gotten so lazy over the winter, think it might be time to clean myself up a bit!

  4. Great looks as always! Your style is so consistent, I'm impressed!

  5. Nice outfit! Love the coat in the last one especially---or is that a sash added to a black coat?

  6. Totally on point as usual! That Brooks Bros sweater looks amazing on you - and that BCBG skirt, wow! :)

  7. I totally love every single outfit! That RO coat is lovely!

  8. i really love the way you wear those pearls and how effortlessly 'real' you integrate statement accessories into the looks!

  9. Hello! Trying to catch up as the babe sleeps! What great looks all of them - especially love the rick owens with shirtdress and pearls and the bcbg skirt. You have such great style!

  10. i love the long skirt so much. those always make me trip, but are my favorite, especially with pockets.


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