Monday, April 20, 2015

Jan - Mar 2015 Purchase Recap

Overall I’ve been sticking to my resolution of maintaining a wardrobe suitable to my real life by taking care of some alterations/repairs and removing excess. My fashion purchases have taken a back seat to my beauty purchases--that's its own beast! My fashion purchases from January through March have been basics or alternates/replacements.

Picked up some basics from Gap at ridiculous prices.
1. Gap white short sleeve tee ($3.39)
2. Gap white short sleeve tee ($3.39)
3. Gap Body heathered oatmeal wireless bra ($2.64)

All via Nordstrom Rack. I finally purchased the Gracie after admiring them for years. A bronze canvas version ended up being too glittery in person, so back they went. The Joe’s Jeans are replacements for my beat up  7-8 year old Used jeans (French brand).
4. Donald Pliner “Gracie” black calf hair flats       
5. Joe’s black waxed jeans
6. Nordstrom purple long sleeve tee

In my white jeans buying craze I originally purchased the Kimmies on sale for just over $100. When I came to my senses, I found them on ebay for $39 instead. The hijabs have to be altered to fit my head the way I like. Hopefully, this will give me a draped look without the hassle of wrapping “just so.”

7. 7 For All Mankind white Kimmie straight leg jeans
8. black draped hijab
9. white draped hijab
10. Brooks Bros white/navy silk scarf


  1. Those ballerinas are fantastic! Really fantastic. I've been trying to keep my ballerina lust in check, though I need to replace my black pair before long, but these Gracie pairs are making my fingers itch to go shopping.

    I'm impressed with you, sticking to your goals. You're my new role model. I am proud to say I've finally begun taking the necessary shoes and boots to the cobbler, and the results have been fantastic. Now I just need to find a tailor to remove a foot of fabric from an immense maxi-skirt . . .

  2. Admirable! I have enough basics and there won't be any replacements coming up until Winter by which time I hope to have figured out the storage in my new home.

  3. Those knot details on the flats are pretty cool!

  4. I've also been keeping track of what I add to the closet. (and also totally agree on beauty purchase being another beast of its own kind!)--tracking since September I am buying about two or three items per month with an impulse purchase here and there,

  5. A great selection for a three month shopping period - those ballet flats are wonderful! Lovely to see a good range of restocking on basics (those Gap prices, wow!) alongside one or two more investment type pieces. I used to skip writing down the basics because I didn't consider them as part of my 'actual' wardrobe, but then I realised I was kidding myself (and spending too much on basics). Awesome bargain with the jeans! :)

  6. definitely need to adopt this. i've been working on the closet by clearing out the nonsense that is only really 'blogworthy' for the items i turn to again and again. however, the desire to shop as a habit tends to rear its ugly head during stressful weeks. still, the focus helps. i like those flats...still trying to find a good pair myself!


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