Wednesday, June 3, 2015

NARScissistic Makeup Post

Makeup is not practical to become a part of my everyday life. But I like viewing makeup as a fun hobby, not an obligation. I play with a mix of drug store and on the high-end, I went straight to NARS. It was a NARS lip color that caught my attention and then I heard good things about its concealers, and those cult products (like Orgasm) that I had a vague awareness of.

What I like about NARS is that they are experts, meaning they don’t have clothes/handbags to offset their products. The obvious choice, Mac, is too intimidating for me as someone who knew nothing about makeup. Mac is for hardcore makeup people—to me that is their image and vibe. Even the website overwhelms me as better know what you’re looking for.

But there are many other undoubtedly great solely makeup brands. But when it comes to luxury goods, I’ve said this many times, I don’t buy luxury goods for the sake of buying luxury goods. I’m the person that likes to be sold “the dream.” And the NARS aesthetic lures me in. NARS has the same (Yves) Saint Laurent/Helmut Newton/Guy Bourdin and oriental references that I gravitate towards. François Nars himself grew up wearing and dressing his mother in YSL, collaborated with Charlotte Rampling (another iconic *Yves* Saint Laurent woman), released a Guy Bourdin inspired collection, and is owned by Shisedio. And I’m a sucker for its aesthetics like the matte black rubberized packaging, product names, and the typeface. Oh and their Kabuki brushes are dead sexy, which is bizarre to say about a makeup brush. Also, speaking with the NARS makeup artist at the counter and just seeing the image/vibe of the brand, that for NARS there are no rules, you do what feels good. You can wear makeup anyway you want. There’s the "barefaced" Tilda Swinton campaign and of course the more high-voltage looks.

nars ramplingnars face
ph: NARS / backstage Julien David FW 2012

I fall on the idiot-proof line of the NARS spectrum. My current NARS haul:
NARS haul
- Paloma Contour (I use it, but ehh about it. It's a little too auburnish for my skintone. I get the best results when I have a BB cream base.)
- Orgasm Multiple (growing on me)
- Biscuit Radiant Creamy Concealer (LOVE)
- Morocco Semi-Matte Lipstick (LOVE)
Mini-Samples: Orgasm blush and eyelid primer.

My quintessential NARS (& Robert Palmer) look is when I have my hair back, glowing skin, and red lips. I don’t know why, I just think of this as very "NARS" as purple is to "YSL." After watching the NARS video below, I fell in love with the red-orange lip used (Red Square), but I cheat with my Sonia Kashuk dupe (Poppy Nude pencil)—similar packaging and made in Italy too.

red square vs poppy nude

**update: 3.19.17  this post has been updated to contain some affiliate links; however, I purchased all the following products myself and the opinions are my own


  1. Even though I wear minimal makeup, I so enjoy product/beauty posts. Fellow Nars fan here!
    As an aside, I associate YSL with purple, too.
    Re: MAC, I love their lipsticks (I'm sure that's been made pretty obvious from my blog) but I agree their site and adverts, and hey, even (especially?) the SAs can be somewhat intimidating visually.

    1. I was walking past a Mac counter @ Macy's on my way home, and I just stopped to peak at something. And already she was asking me what kind of eyeliners do you use, gel? pencil? liquid? And I was like a deer in the headlts!! The Mac SAs always look on point though. I'll never be a heavy makeup person, but I enjoy watching certain youtube channels and admiring their skill. And now I notice makeup colors people wear, like their blushes and lipsticks, etc. I saw a very classic chic south american lady wearing such an interesting lip color, it was MAC "O" Frost, very unique & suited her skin tone perfectly. The way it looked in the tube did not do justice to how it looked on. She said she gets a lot of compliments whenever she wears it.

  2. I spent most of my life with spotty skin/acne, I was always covering up and testing a million different products. Now that my skin has cleared up it's so nice to have a simple routine, just sunscreen and BB cream and some mascara.

    I love lipstick on other people but I never wear it myself - maybe if popular beauty sites like Into the Gloss would feature more people with my skintone then maybe I could pick up some lipstick colors that would work on me...

    Love Tilda's Nars campaign (she's one of my favorite actresses actually) but talk about people who definitely don't need makeup, lol!

  3. I've always wanted to try Nars but never have - now i have to!

  4. This is really dramatic and most elegant!

    I just wanted to wish you and yours a peaceful Ramadan Kareem.

  5. I have a hard time wearing makeup on a daily basis. From time to time, I use this MAC lipstick and Garnier BB cream and that's it. Even then, it mostly happens in fall/winter but quite rare when it gets very hot, then it's just moisturizer and lipbalm.


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