Friday, July 10, 2015

Apr - Jun 2015 Outfit Recap

A selection of some of things I've worn. I've been into my crossbody bags a little more, as much as I love my Noctambule it is a pain in the @zz to shop with. I've been feeling my navy kelly lately. A hands free bag especially comes in handy during iftar! Ramadan Kareem to those that celebrate it.

As usual underlined items were added this year. My new "old" bag is Tom Ford era YSL, and the print is identical to my J. Crew flats. Not bad for designs 7+ years apart! And the hat was a gift, I don't watch baseball EVER!!!

Apr-Jun 2015 1
All Saints cardigan; Splendid tank; vtg necklace; Banana Republic pants; YSL bag; J.Crew shoes
F21 cardigan; Asos dress; Baccarat necklace, ring; Kenneth Cole shoes
Target tee; Zara pants; ceramic watch; 9W sandals
Margiela caftan; Baccarat ring; YSL bag; Zara pants; J. Crew shoes

Apr-Jun 2015 2
all work:
Brooks Bros sweater; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole flats
Nordstrom Rack teal sweater;  Kenneth Cole belt; Zara pants; Donald Pliner shoes; Lollipops bag
Zara blazer, pants; Baccarat necklace Target tee; ebay shoes
Dior Homme coat; Target tee; Zara pants; Furla bag; Donald Pliner shoes

Apr-Jun 2015 3
Brooks Bros shirt; ON tank; Joe's Jeans; BR shoes
Zara blazer; Gap tee; vtg Paloma Picasso necklace; Bvlgari ring; Dior Homme jeans; Furla bag; Boutique 9 boots
RO coat; Brooks Bros shirt; 7FAM jeans; Donald Pliner shoes; LeSportsac bag

Apr-Jun 2015 4
work: Norma Kamali cardigan; Brooks Bros shirt; Kenneth Cole belt, pants, shoes
Missoni/Target coat; 7FAM jeans; Kenneth Cole shoes; vtg bag
Norma Kamali sweater; Gap tee; Bvlgari ring; F21 skirt; 9W sandals; vtg bag
Banana Republic tunic; Old Navy tank; Bvlgari ring; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; vtg bag

Apr-Jun 2015 5
**same dress, it just stretches out w/ wear. so at times it's at the floor, other times it's shorter...**
Rick Owens dress; Baccarat & Cartier rings; Donald Pliner shoes
Bowling: Rick Owens hoodie; Splendid tank; Joe's waxed jeans; vtg bag; 9W boots. hot pink!! Revlon Barcelona Nights.
Rick Owens dress; Baccarat ring; YSL bag, shoes; Sonia Kashuk poppy nude
Mayweather fight: RO coat; Baccarat jewelry; Target tee; Papercrown pants; YSL shoes; Dior bag


  1. I actually really like Look 3 in the first batch of pics, with the white watch and white sandals--though I would opt for a more blocky sandal like Birks or those two-strap slides/slippers of which there are a thousand dupes. For me the focal point is the simplicity of your silhouette, but the pants have a drape, then my eye goes to the watch and your black tee.

    My "streetwearish" side wants white Converse or Stan Smiths though for that look :P

    Pret, if non-Muslim folks were to show up to a Ramadan iftar buffet at a restaurant is that odd? My friends told me about several in my area that serve really good food, and I'd like to go. I'm just wondering if there are any customs to be mindful/respectful of when I attend?

    1. If your friends invited you, I don't see why not. I would just dress discretely, (no shorts or low cut tops), just to be on the safe side. If you're going to a mosque, I would wear long sleeves & a head scarf. And I would wait until you see other people eating if you're going to be arriving near sunset, just to make sure you're not "breaking your fast" before everyone else. Just my 2 cents, disclaimer: I'm American and not from a "big Muslim culture."

    2. Good points re: dress code. The friend who suggested it to me is not of the faith either, and I'd most likely be going alone. From the Yelp reviews of the restaurants that do it, it seems that you'd have to wait anyway--they close up temporarily and have people queue up for the iftar service, and then they stagger people in so the buffet line isn't so crowded.

      Thank you.

  2. You are so lovely! I'm inspired by how you make these avant garde styles wearable. Thank you for the link!

  3. Oh so good! And I see those white 9W sandals are still going strong! ;)

  4. I loved all your looks - love the different mix in feel and the Dior Homme coat is beautiful. Love the look with the 9W sandals, and I really like the baseball hat haha

  5. Must say that Dior coat outfit... so sleek and perfect fit.

  6. Can I ask if the Furla bag in the last picture of the second set is a current model? I've been trying to find something similar (that shape, no zips, throw everything in, kind of boxy but not too boxy) but it's quite hard.

  7. Mine is from 2011, the style is called "Futura". I like Furla's older models, try eBay, outlets, flash sales for the older styles.

  8. hi, late to this post .... everything looks so nice on you ... may I ask how tall you are? I'm 5'1" and pretty sure I couldn't carry things the way you do.
    Is there a name for the Target tee, like Mossimo or something?

  9. Love that last line of outfits especially, you wear RO so well!


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